UQuix.com Launches as a Social Education Network to Up the Ante on eLearning

With a social approach to all things “how to” UQuix.com launches their quiz and instruction maker for the DIY learner. Launched as a social education network UQuix.com allows knowledgeable users to share their information for free or as a paid service.


Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2014 --To provide the marketplace with a peer-to-peer platform for educational social networking UQuix.com is launched to also create a revenue stream for hard-working students. For those who’ve studied hard and now want to share their knowledge, UQuix makes studying profitable in more ways than one. By creating a practice quiz or informational post on just about anything from fitness to engineering readymade scholars can either share their work publicly for free, or privately for a fee. Site members and visitors can then buy the private quizzes or specialized information using PayPal.

Alex Gonzales, founder and CEO of UQuix said of the quiz maker and its real time grading system, “Every student knows that practice quizzes are phenomenal for retaining information. That said, I wanted the site to be more than just quizzes. I wanted it to be a social education network where students from all over the world could go to share information in a laid-back setting.”

UQuix stands for ‘Users Quiz, Users Instruct, Exchange’ to highlight the mutuality of the online experience it provides. The site creates interaction around learning, quizzes and instructions about various subjects like history, information technology, language, law, math and music. Top step-by-step instructions include ‘Making a Website’ ’10 Steps of Success From Albert Einstein’ and ‘Big Arms: What to Know, How to Grow’. Quizzes live on the site are extensive. They vary with information on ‘Basic Electronics’ to ‘Engineering Mechanics, ‘World History’ and ‘How To Make Luscious Aioli’.

About UQuix.com
UQuix.com was founded in 2014 to provide students with an online resource for learning via quizzes and informational posts provided by knowledgeable users. Expansion for the site is slated to include a mobile app and a gamification feature.


To support the UQuix crowdfunding project visit https://angel.co/uquix.

Alex Gonzales
Founder, CEO


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