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Urban Upgrading Empowered by New Finance


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2020 --Finance, as a high-end resource element, is not only the motive power of urban economic development but also the important foundation of urban prosperity and development and a symbol of the strength and competitiveness of a city.

The peak of a city is wherever its financial center is, as proved by New York, London, and HK. The same is true with Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

In a new round of global competition, the domestic area that grasps the innovation opportunity wins not only the domestic market but also possibly global revenue.

Jiangbei New Area puts forward the construction of "two cities and one center", namely, city of chips, city of genes, and new financial center. The construction of a new financial center is not only concerned with the development of Jiangbei New Area as a state-level new area but also affects the future of Nanjing and even Jiangsu province.

Science and technology are an important pillar of the new financial pattern. After exploring for years, Jiangbei New Area has focused on positioning as a "national financial center of science and technology innovation".

Guided by the strategy of building an industrial cluster with "two cities and one center", the new area is actively exploring the effective integration of finance, industry and science and technology, so as to provide forceful financial support in building a provincial innovation source, leading area and important growth pole for Jiangbei New Area.

As an area bearing the financial industry of the region, the CBD of Jiangbei New Area takes on the mission of leading financial innovation. As planned, the new financial center will centers around five construction directions, namely, new technology (financial technology source), new scenario (demonstration area of industrial and financial combination), new openness (experimental pilot area), new increment (incremental institutional cluster), and new mechanism (sandbox supervision and policy innovation), so as to build a "five new" financial-industrial system characterized by the integrated development of "science, technology, finance, and industry".

In order to better build the new financial center, Jiangbei New Area has released a series of supporting policies, so as to build an excellent industrial ecological environment from rewarding the settlement of financial enterprises to introducing high-end financial talents.

With the advent of a new generation of the scientific revolution, the financial industry presents a development trend of deep integration with it. Big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain among other cutting-edge technologies will fundamentally change the development pattern of the financial industry.

Jiangbei New Area wishes to grasp the opportunity in the new round of waves and even come out first.

Central Bank Digital Currency Innovation Center settles in Jiangbei New Area, which relies on the local advantages of the innovative resources of digital currency, and strives to create the first experimental unit of legal digital currency application in China.

Like Boston Health Big Data Center that attracts insurance organizations to settle, Jiangbei New Area builds the first big data innovation experimental area for health insurance in China via its own big health industrial advantage and national health big data center among other conditions.

Jiangbei New Area actively pushes forward green finance, and achieves the docking of needs, sharing of information between the government, financial institutions, and enterprises, so as to draw the financial resources into green areas.

The new area will also build an Internet draft platform, and with its strong financial technology service strength and innovation ability in the industry, it will provide small-, medium- and micro-sized enterprises in China with financial services.

The construction of the main bearing ground of Yangtze River New Financial Cluster——New Financial Center in Jiangbei New Area, has been fully launched. Projects such as ICBC financial assets investment and Sino-American national financial technology labs have officially settled.

Jiangbei New Area will try hard to guide itself with financial assets management and regional equity transactions and take financial technology and insurance innovation as the driving forces by the end of "the thirteenth five-year plan", so as to build Jiangbei New Area as a first-rate national new financial center boasting powerful assets management ability, assets absorption ability, the ability to combine industry and finance and convert innovation, namely, there will be assets transaction centers, equity transaction centers, financial technology industrial development base and experimental areas of insurance innovation.

Jiangbei New Area centering on its financial center is building its future of quality development step by step.

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