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US and China Issue Joint Statement on Paris Climate Deal

The US and China have issued a joint statement regarding their intentions to sign the Paris climate deal on April 22, which will have important implications for US businesses as well as their counterparts all around the world.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2016 --Since the US and China are the two biggest economies on the planet, it should come as no surprise to learn that they are the two biggest polluters on the planet in absolute terms as well. As a result, the two countries faced significant pressure at the Paris climate conference that was held in December of 2015, which resulted in a successful climate deal between them as well as 193 other countries. Now, the US and China have issued a joint statement that they will sign the Paris climate deal on April 22, which will have enormous consequences for them as well as all of the signatories.

In short, the Paris climate deal ended with the recognition of a number of important issues. First and foremost, the signatories announced their intention to keep the degree of global warming below a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius, which is about 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, so as to minimize its impact on the world. Second, the signatories announced that they will compile and publish regular reports about their efforts to combat harmful emissions so that they can be held accountable by all of the stakeholders, which include all of the people in the world. Finally, the Paris climate deal included the recognition of the need to prepare for the consequences of climate change, which will likely include assistance from developed countries to developing countries without developed countries actually taking blame for having contributed most of the greenhouse gases that are currently in the atmosphere.

However, it is important to note that while the Paris climate deal promised much, it contained little in concrete details by which the signatories will honor to their promises. In fact, concrete details to be left to future climate conferences, which are still some time away. By announcing their intention to sign the Paris climate deal on April 22, the US and China are taking a leading role in its implementation. Something that is particularly true because they have also announced their intention to implement the initiatives necessary to achieve their aims, which are expected to be both extensive and wide-ranging in nature.

For US businesses, this is important because they can expect an increase in their environmental obligations as the US intensifies its efforts to bring climate change under control. As a result, forward-thinking businesses should start thinking about how they can improve their recycling programs as well as other corporate citizenship initiatives with the assistance of waste disposal and management specialists such as EnviroSolutions.

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