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US Artist Runaway Scotty Records Album in Italy and Offers Fans Exclusives Before LP Hits Stores

Singer Songwriter Runaway Scotty provides exclusive access into an international virtual studio community for music lovers who pre-order his debut album LP, “Rock My Heart”, via PledgeMusic. Available products include digital and physical music content, signed copies, executive producer credit, and even an acoustic concert on the island of Crete. A video and single have been released to coincide with the pre-order.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2015 --Singer Songwriter Runaway Scotty has announced the pre-release of his international debut pop rock LP entitled "Rock My Heart." Scotty provides exclusive community access into a virtual studio for music fans that pre-order the album by obtaining an "Access Pass" on PledgeMusic. All pledgers with an "Access Pass" get a behind the scenes look at how the project developed, access to a worldwide community of music lovers, bonus content, and the ability to engage directly with the artist on the platform. Prices start at $10.

Originated in Naples, Italy while stationed on Active Duty, this project has been almost two years in the making. As a US Navy Supply Corps Officer who coordinated ship logistics requirements by day, when off duty, Scotty built Piselli studios next to a wine cellar in his Italian villa and began writing new music. "I never had a bad day in the studio," he explains, "At least I don't remember if I did. I was next to a wine cellar after all!"

Naturally the album's production process has been international in scope. Scotty laid down guitar, vocals, drum programming, and keyboard tracks in the Italy studio before submitting to other musicians worldwide for additional instruments. Anthony Cusenza from Ashland, Oregon played lead guitar on six tracks that has already received a stellar write-up from an early review. In addition, Renée Janski of indie girl power group Big Bad Gina contributed strong violin and vocals to two tracks during Scotty's brief 2014 visit to the United States. Numerous additional studio musicians from all over the world also participated. After the recordings were completed, the tracks went to a professional team in Los Angeles for mixing and mastering.

After separating from Active Duty and departing Italy in April 2015, Scotty relocated to Dallas, Texas where he finalizes the album this month. Next stop: the island of Crete where pledgers can either attend a CD release party, acoustic concert, or both (all available for purchase on Pledge Music). "We want to make this a total experience for people beyond passively listening to music as a spectator", he explains, "This is a chance for people to get involved and OWN the project as a part of their creation! This process truly brings music to the people in a way that was unavailable before, like an ongoing backstage pass."

In addition to the album, pledgers will receive exclusive access to musical rarities, such as alternate versions, acoustic versions, and instrumentals that are unavailable to the public and beyond the scope of the album. "There have already been five downloads and one video posted on the site during the first week", he states, "this is material in addition to the album content, and I'm just getting started!"

The first critic raved about an early release, stating the album is "full of genuine hooks that feel like they've lived inside of you for years just waiting for someone else to express them somehow. You feel like you recognize these warm tones without being able to pinpoint a single melody to anyone other than Runaway Scotty's own catalog – and if that isn't the sign of a fantastic songwriter I have no idea what else could be." - Sleeping Bag Studios.

The public can listen to a single and watch a video to determine if they like the music. The video "Change Change Change" is currently available on his YouTube channel and is available as a digital single for purchase via all major online retailers, such as iTunes. "Change Change Change" showcases the scale of talent involved in the project, provides listeners the magnitude of quality in the music, and hints at what is to come in "Rock My Heart".

Fans have a chance to engage directly with the artist on PledgeMusic and will receive the album before it goes to market.

About Runaway Scotty
Runaway Scotty, or Christopher Scott Carter, is a classically trained singer songwriter, guitarist, arranger, producer, Navy Reservist, and coffee lover who has recruited a team of world class musicians and engineers to fuel his debut multi-genre release, "Rock My Heart". Musical influences include Imogen Heap, The Killers, and Peter Gabriel. The contrast of ecclesiastical undertones blended with rock influence is the nexus of creativity for his forthcoming album. "Rock My Heart" is now available for pre-order on PledgeMusic.

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