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US-Made Stainless Steel MS2(TM) Tubing Gains Foothold

Bicycle builders continue to look for ways to improve the ride


Escondido, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2011 --Already proven and tested by KVA STAINLESS(TM) in other industries, notably automotive, the patented KVA MS2 (TM) stainless steel bike tubing can now be integrated into high performance bicycle frames. Cyclists should expect excellent ride characteristics, reduced weight, increase strength (safety) and stiffness, at a significant cost savings over many existing metal alloys.

After years of engineering and development, KVA STAINLESS introduced for the first time its new, patented stainless steel tubing known as MS2 at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) for road bikes and mountain bikes. Three different custom bike builders using MS2 bike tubing won awards at NAHBS.

For those that love photgenic bikes, this September, a cluster of NAHBS award-winning builders, which included Ellis Cycles (best road bike), and Rosene Bicycles (best new builder) displayed a range of their genius designs and artisanship using MS2 at KVA’s booth at Interbike in Las Vegas, Nevada. A stainless steel, prototype thin-walled MS2 bicycle frame tubing for women and very light male cyclists was also on display too. This was designed in consultancy with another NAHBS award-winner, Sam Whittingham, of Naked Bicycles.

Since the formal launch of MS2 tubing at NAHBS in February this year, frame builders across the USA, Europe, and Asia, have been familiarizing themselves with the specific fabrication requirements of this US-made and sourced corrosion-resistant rolled tubing. The feedback is widely positive.

The popular SoCal builder, Ritte, (booth 24155) has rapidly built a reputation making road race bicycles, and is excited about building with MS2 tubing. Company founder, Spencer Canon, said, “We have noticed a certain liveliness in the ride quality of oversized stainless tubes that complements carbon fiber and it gives the frame a lot more feel. Of the stainless manufacturers, KVA offers more tubing options, which has allowed us to experiment more and come up with a design that has a carbon front triangle, and stainless rear triangle, lugs, bottom bracket shell, and head tube. From what we've seen, some of the stainless steel bikes and hybrids will be able to hold their own against all-carbon frames in a race.”

Not all builders working with KVA's MS2 tubing are custom manufacturers. Colossi in Asia, and Cielo, by Chris King, in the USA are presently using the tubing on high-end stock bikes. The Cielo Sportif Racer SE will be available in Europe and the USA.

Douglas Gore, vice-president of sales and business development, said, “We just introduced our new stainless steel bike tubing at NAHBS. Bike builders have been very generous with their ideas and thoughts, as well as extremely supportive. Cyclists should expect excellent ride characteristics, outstanding durability, and toughness from our new MS² bicycle tubing. On the style side, stainless steel offers the timeless beauty and unmatched craftsmanship of an unpainted frame. In the olden days of cycling, pre-1975, bicycles were built with steel frames, plated steel spokes and chromed steel rims. When stainless steel spokes arrived everybody celebrated and immediately switched over. Stainless steel as a frame tubing material has held much promise, but until now has been seen as too expensive, too difficult to work with, or both; KVA STAINLESS solves these problems."

European bike builder. “Today I was able to assemble our first KVA stainless steel bike with some components I had laying around in my workshop. Although the frame is not finished, I was able to take it for a first ride. Although it was already dark outside, I was surprised to feel the first impression. The bike felt more crisp and direct than I had anticipated. I was expecting a more soft ride, but instead it felt very responsive. This was particularly noticeable when standing on the pedals, the bike really sets off once you put the power to the pedals.”

Paul Taylor, of Taylor Bicycles, said, "KVA Stainless is willing to listen to the frame builders and what they have to say, and takes their input seriously. I like the fact that the tubing is made in America and is readily available, in stock, and offered in a variety of diameters and sizes. The quality of the KVA tubing is excellent and it's more user friendly and easier to work with than some of the competitors' stainless steel tubing. My customers love it!"

Alex Cook, of A-train Cycles, said, "I was surprised and impressed with the workability of KVA stainless tubing. KVA is an awesome company to do business with: from the ease of online ordering and customer services, to the care in packaging, and of course the finished product."

Mark Nobilette, of Nobilette Cycles, said, "I believe that KVA has finally made the stainless tube set that frame builders want. It integrates the best with the stainless fittings that are already out there."

Joe McCrink, production manager and Danny Codd, principal engineer, manned the booth at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Austin, where they noted much excitement and interest in KVA's stainless steel tubing technology across all bicycle market segments, from mountain to high-end road bikes. Codd said, "We had such an enthusiastic response, we are confident it is the right time for this technology in the bicycle industry. There has been a lot of interest, inquiries, and orders from custom hand-made bike builders too larger bicycle companies."

KVA STAINLESS' MS2 tubing uses a patented welding and thermal processing technology that turns rolls of stainless steel into bicycle tubing for road and mountain bikes.

MS2 tubing is made in the United States from first quality, domestic stainless steel alloys, using the most modern forming, welding and precision thermal processing technology available to produce custom-made butted bicycle tubing.

KVA STAINLESS and MS2 are trademarks of KVA Stainless Inc.

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KVA STAINLESS(TM) is a privately owned company that provides innovative, low-cost, advanced, high-strength, martensitic stainless steel processing technology and solutions to an industrial customer base. It specializes in first-rate research and development, high quality manufacturing standards, and uncompromising customer service. KVA STAINLESS has grown out of Hi-Temp inc. Founded in 1953, Hi-Temp was one of the largest processors of martensitic stainless steels in North America. KVA STAINLESS owns several proprietary and patent-pending processing, joining and manufacturing methods for martensitic stainless steels.