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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2017 --You must have surely heard of the popular saying – Health is Wealth. It is true. We may do the best or the worst job, live in paradise or in poverty, but at the end of the day, what matters more than everything else is our health. It determines how long we will live, and the quality of the lives we will live.

Sadly, however, our health has taken a beating in recent times, even though we are now living many more years than before. Pollution, harmful chemicals and other toxins are causing us harm. There are lifestyle issues as well, such as too much stress, not getting adequate sleep in the night, skipping the breakfast, not exercising regularly, a sedentary lifestyle, and a leading a life that is simply too fast.

The results are for all of us to see. Though we are living longer, but we now have a lot more diseases, medical issues that were unheard of even 25-30 years back. Medical science is yet to come up with solutions to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and even cancer to a large extent. At best, these conditions can be managed. There are many others too. As a result, the quality of our lives has deteriorated.'s latest effort can improve your health by providing the latest information from the world of medical science and by providing insider tips on how to improve health, increase the quality of life, and live longer. Biphoo is an online directory listing where you will also find a list of healthcare organizations offering a range of services. Just go through the listing for healthcare here. The range is surely impressive.

Biphoo offers a wealth of information that you will find in three sections – the articles, latest health news, and health tips. Go through these sections even as you browse the listing for healthcare at this directory. Here is a sampling of what you can find – how yoga can help you lose weight, the diets of popular celebrities, the latest statistics on heart disease, report on the zika virus situation, updated information on the HIV and flu vaccines, and the best ways of treating diabetes. There is plenty more at

There are hundreds of posts and a huge list of healthcare organizations. There is so much information here that it is almost impossible to go through it all. is constantly updated, so new information is being added all the time.

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The Natural Health Tips to renew the body, mind and soul, apart from the latest news from the world of healthcare at the directory is sure to help one and all.