USB Multitool Offers Charging, Expandable Memory Features and Flashdrive Viewing on Mobile Devices

Binary, the world’s first USB multitool, launches on Indiegogo to bring added convenience to students and professionals on the go.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 --In a world where convenience is key, a new technological leap has been launched on Indiegogo to simplify working on the go. The new leap is named /Binary - the world’s first USB multitool. The tiny multi-tasker is designed with twofold benefits, hence the name. It’s a mobile charger and a flashdrive with the capacity for expandable memory. Memory that holds information that can now be viewed on any mobile device.

End users need only have the /Binary and a microSD card to transfer information to and from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. /Binary adds convenience to the lives of myriad industry pros. For example, photographers can insert their photo-laden microSD card into /Binary and then read and share the photos on their mobile device. No need for a computer or extra wires here.

Created by a group of students lead by co-founders K Sudesh Durai and Dharumaraj the USB multitool is a game changer. Durai said of the crowdfunding campaign launch, “/Binary simplifies life. No more tangled wires, forgotten chargers, time-consuming Internet uploads or expensive data charges to store information. With crowdfunding support we can bring a new level of convenience to entrepreneurs and students alike.”

Supported by iOS and Android, consumers can store and view more multi-media than ever before and have a small, flexible charging cable always within reach. A small product overall, /Binary is designed to work in tandem with smartphone and tablet cases and not be uncomfortable to hold when in use.

Indiegogo crowdfunding perks include both Android and iOS supported
/Binary multitools. /Binary is due for shipment to supporters by the New Year holiday.

About /Binary
/Binary is a USB multitool that offers mobile charging, flashdrive viewing on mobile devices, and the capacity for expandable memory. The USB multitool is supported by a free app for iOS devices.

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