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Use Back Draft Dampers to Keep Fresh Air in and Stale Air Out


Montgomeryville, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2014 --The HVAC system in a building or an apartment is what determines the health of the residents. Though much is being done to keep the house tidy and clean, there still remains the problem of inhaling stale air that gets accumulated from time to time. Adults and children get affected very often if the bad air is not removed quickly enough to be replaced with fresh air. Lloyd Industries offers the best of solutions by introducing “Back Draft Dampers” to deal with the unhygienic air that permeates the house.

The back draft dampers are devices that allow air to flow only in one direction and very cleverly stop the airflow from the opposite direction. In other words, the unit gets all the unclean air out from the house and fills it up with clean air. There are several models from Lloyd Industries of these dampers such as AC30-BRD, AC40 BRD, LBD-1 etc., which are different in shapes and sizes from each other. Choosing the right size for the existing HVAC system should be done in consultation with experts and not by the concerned individual to avoid ending up with the wrong size or model.

The components that are used to assemble this particular damper are so solid and strong. So the damper usually has a long life and remains unperturbed. Moreover, the cost of these components is not so expensive thus making the cost of the damper low. Installation of the damper is done by qualified technicians from the seller company in a manner that does not develop any problem afterwards. At the same time, maintaining the damper is as much important as installing it.

In winter, a back draft damper does not let cool air into the house and keeps the environment warm always, if the vent motor is adjusted to a particular setting. Similarly there may be rooms in a house that are kept closed for months which develop a lot of humid and unhygienic air over time. With the help of back draft damper, the pungent and smelly air can be replaced in a few minutes with fresh clean air. There are places in a house such as the attic, laundry room and basement where a lot of heat develops due to the very purpose they are used for. Here also, the back draft dampers can be used to expel all the heat and bring pleasant air in.

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