Use eFlip Standard to Improve eBooks Sale Is Very Effective, a China-based software company, has announced the launch of a new flipbook maker called eFlip Standard with powerful, efficiency boosting functions, all at a reasonable price.


Guang Zhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2013 --A new flipbook making software called eFlip Standard has been released by, a China-based software company that has produced innovative productivity tools to the worldwide software market. Now available for $199 USD, eFlip Standard offers a range of functions that increase efficiency and make it easier to create e-books with a realistic page flipping effect. The ability to convert Microsoft Word, PDF, and OpenOffice documents, and add audio, table of contents, logos, colors, backgrounds, and company information make the software an invaluable tool for making e-books more engaging and visually appealing.

With eFlip Standard, designers can more effectively improve e-book sales. The e-book market has seen an ever increasing volume of titles, with more published every day. A number of platforms have made them accessible to just about everyone, including iPad and Android users. With such high sales volumes and better tools to create e-books faster and easier, the prices have come way down, further boosting their popularity not only as leisure reading material, but for marketing and other business applications.

Boosting sales is accomplished with tools allowing for creativity and for a broader user base to be able to utilize all the features. Digital publishing software or flip book maker, therefore, should have a user-centered design. The comfortable interface of eFlip Standard has been developed on the principle it should be easy to use and allow for simple inclusion of functions to make an e-book more attractive. All of these and more are provided by the new software; eFlip Standard meets all of these requirements.

Using the software interface, converting documents into flipbooks, and adding pre-designed templates, sounds, colors and more requires just a few simple steps. The program supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and OpenOffice files plus Excel documents. In addition, bitmaps and diagrams are also supported, while e-books can feature images and narrative elements. Aside from great productivity features, the software lets e-books be output in popular formats for use on a webpage, social media profile, or sent via email. A flipbook app builder expands the readership to those using Android devices.

A flipbook therefore, is a vital element to increasing e-book sales. Flipbooks can have just about any purpose; they can entertain, market, and even relay information inside and outside a business. Many companies and individual publishers have seen sales increase with the use of page flipping e-books. More details on the software and its innovative functions can be seen by visiting

About is a provider of low-cost, sales boosting digital publishing software for editors and publishers. A leading consumer software provider in China, the company also has branch offices are located in Hong Kong. It has grown rapidly since its inception in 2009 and now distributes digital flipbook creating software to users throughout the world.