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Service Sport UK Gives a Chance to Enjoy Licensed Fitness Equipment for Less Money

ServiceSport UK Ltd provides fitness enthusiasts with the opportunity to get re manufactured gym equipment at the exclusive prices and with two years full warranty. The equipment functions and looks like brand new as 80% of the original parts are replaces with completely new ones to ensure high quality and efficiency.


Bolton, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2014 --According to the health care specialists, obesity is already the number one health condition that affects more and more people from all ages around the world. That is the reason why a growing number of people strive to make changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to overcome this health issue and its consequences.

People now become aware of how important the active lifestyle is for maintaining a good health and proper weight. Many of them try to make daily exercises, but going to the gym on a regular basis is too time-consuming. This makes them choose to buy fitness equipment, so they could exercise at home at their convenience. However, the prices of brand new exercise equipment are too high for fitness enthusiasts with small budget. Here is where he UK company called Service Sport and the used gym equipment it offers may come in handy.

Buyers who search for high quality and affordable re manufactured gym equipment should look no further than Service Sport, as all their goods are licensed by the UK life fitness. The company is confident enough in the quality of its equipment to offers 2 years of full warranty for both labour and parts. About 80% of the used gym equipment’s parts are replaced with new and fully functioning parts. All frames are treated and stripped to look as brand new. In addition, the ReNew products meet all the European standards for safety, health and environment, so that the customers can enjoy appearance, efficiency and safety of the re manufactured gym equipment made by Service Sport.

All the advantages that the ReNew products provide customers with give the company a reason to assert that the refurbished equipment it offers is a better choice than brand new fitness equipment offered by other companies. Service Sport Company ensures the same quality, performance and reliability that people can get from new equipment, but with 40% off the list prices. Additionally, the company undertakes a complete control over quality, as the in-house process strictly complies with all the manufacturer’s requirements and specifications.

Thanks to the Service Sport Company, the good gym equipment becomes accessible for everyone, who wants to live healthier and to get rid of the current health issues. Additional information on the company and its valuable products can be obtained at

About The Service Sport Company
ServiceSport UK Ltd ( is a world leading company in re manufacture gym equipment industry being the only EU company approved by life fitness to offer its products that fully comply with the CE standards. The fitness equipment they sell at affordable prices set new standards for this industry, providing the customers with the best quality they deserve.