CFS Jets (Corporate Fleet Services)

Used Private Aircraft Sales Takeover Buying Directly from Manufacturers


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2020 --Private jet sales and acquisitions companies such as CFS Jets observe high rates of used aircraft sales amongst buyers, over purchasing directly from aviation manufactures. Purchasing used aircraft has a range of benefits for buyers including affordability, flexibility, and diversity.

When purchasing aircraft, buyers need to keep in mind that not all models and makes are the same. Used aircraft brokers such as CFS Jets carry a vast range of quality aircraft models for buyers to choose from. With such a vast range of options comes a range of benefits. Aircraft purchasers are finding that buying used aircraft from reputable use aircraft sales brokers help them to save money, gives them increased flexibility, and presents them with a diverse range of options that a single manufacturer cannot.

Used aircraft is more affordable than purchasing a brand-new private airplane. Much like purchasing a motor vehicle, buyers turn to used aircraft to fulfill their private aircraft needs without paying an arm and a leg.

Used aircraft often has more customized and diverse features that brand-new planes just don't have. Benefiting from the investments of previous owners, private aircraft buyers can enjoy more affordable models with updated features that may be more advanced than features in brand new planes and jets.

Used aircraft sales companies can present buyers with a diverse selection of private aircraft options than a single manufacturer. Equipped with vast inventories of quality private aircraft, used aircraft sales and acquisitions brokers present buyers with a range of options to fit their needs and budget.

About Corporate Fleet Services
Corporate Fleets Services, also called CFS Jets, is a private aircraft sales, acquisitions, and exchange company that seeks to line up clients with their ideal private aircraft. Unlike other private aircraft companies, CFS Jets works closely with clients in all aspects of aircraft sales. With nearly 40 years of experience satisfying clients with quality private aircraft solutions, CFS Jets has a short turn-around time at an average of 90 days or less. With Cessna models, Citation models, Beechcraft aircraft, and more, the team at CFS Jets finds clients exactly what they're looking for within their budget. Visit today to explore your private aircraft options!