Users Can Enhance Brand Marketing with FlipHTML5 Online Flyer Maker

FlipHTML5 supports enterprises to promote and expose their brands to massive audiences by helping them create digital flyers that are accessible to all electronic devices.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2018 --FlipHTML5 has enhanced digital advertising for marketers and business owners online. The online flyer maker allows users to create flyers and share them with online consumers across the globe. FlipHTML5 helps to convert a PDF file into an HTML5 flipping flyer within minutes. The software has pre-designed features including themes and templates that can be used to design eye-catching flyers and entice consumers towards a product. Users can also customize toolbars to suit the product being marketed.

"Our software helps designers develop personalized flipping flyers that motivate potential customers to buy products," said Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5. "We aim to empower enterprises to promote and expose their products to potential customers out there. To amplify the user experience, we support users to add e-commerce facets like prices, buttons, shopping carts, product prices and discounts. This will make the online shopping process more convenient."

The FlipHTML5 online flyer maker is an ideal tool for creating flyers for business marketing campaigns. Every business strives to beat the competition, and brand adherence through advertising is one of the ways to achieve this. With this tool, users can design alluring flyers with personalized rich content, beautiful backgrounds and animations. To augment the design further, images, videos, sound, slideshows and links can be added to the content to make the flyer more attractive to the audience. The page editor ensures that the multimedia is incorporated effectively to complement the rest of the features.

FlipHTML5 allows designers to create and share their interactive flyers with vast audiences online. The flyers can be produced in different publishing formats such as HTML, ZIP and EXE. For maximum exposure, users can upload the flyers online and share with every audience. The HTML5 flipping flyer can be accessed on all electronic devices including laptops, mobile phones and computers, thus qualifying more audience involvement. Designers can embed online flyers into web pages, share them on social media or email them to the customers.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 assists business owners in exposing their products to online clients. The online flyer maker helps in customizing business flyers that promote business brands. In business, customers get lured to purchase products using effective marketing. That is what the FlipHTML5 online flyer maker has achieved for enterprises operating in the online realm. The features offered by this software enables designers to develop interactive flipping flyers with personalized facets that attract potential customers. For more information, please visit http://fliphtml5.com/.