Users Can Make the Best Yearbook Using the Free Yearbook Maker from FlipBuilder

Flip PDF is a free yearbook maker that can come in handy for easily creating yearbooks.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2018 --A yearbook contains all the highlights and it helps the users to commemorate the past years in style. It contains all the statistics and facts that are published yearly. It has become an essential keepsake for many students. It acts like a nostalgic reference that the users can use to view old photos. It is the backbone of laughter which carries all the activities and events that were recorded during sports and class farewell parties.

Making a yearbook using Flip PDF, a free yearbook maker from FlipBuilder is the best thing a user can do. After a long session of interviews with staff members and all the stakeholders, all the materials need to be compiled using Flip PDF from FlipBuilder to make a yearbook. Apart from that, there are other several advantages of using Flip PDF.

Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipBuilder, said, "Before I state some of the benefits of using Flip PDF from FlipBuilder, it is good to know that a good yearbook will sell like a hot cake. Every member of the group will like to know what is recorded in it."

Wide compatibility

Any yearbook made using Flip PDF is highly compatible. It can be viewed by people who have android devices, iPhones and even iPads. The free yearbook maker also allows the user to share the yearbook on different social media platforms, making it easy to reach a wide audience.

Ease of use

Flip PDF is one of the easiest yearbook maker used to make yearbooks. The drag and drop capability makes the work of making the yearbook simple and adorable. With the free yearbook maker, the user is free to add PDFs, photos and charts to the yearbook by just dragging and dropping them in their required place.

Book encryption and protection

If the yearbook is made for commercial reasons, the users have the power to protect it from unauthorized people. The user can allow the readers to view some pages that contain relevant information like prices and the content information in the yearbook. After that, the reader should pay before reading the yearbook.

About FlipBuilder
Adventure and creativity is the core of any quick selling yearbook. FlipBuilder is a software company that is grounded in creativity and the need to solve all the problems that people face. The production of easy to use software has made FlipBuilder shine. That is why using any software from FlipBuilder is very beneficial.

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