Users Can Make Their First Video in Minutes with Animiz Animated Video Maker

With Animiz, whether beginners or professionals, they can create their own animated video in minutes.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2018 --Having watched an animated video for the first time leaves a nostalgic feeling of being amused by how arts, science and technology were fused together to come up with an entertaining piece. Now that technology is more accessible, readily available and convenient to use, gone were the days when people need to learn the complexities of the technical aspects of video production in order to come up with a saleable animated video.

Whether animated videos are created for business presentation, e-learning or plainly for entertainment, Jason Chan, manager of Animiz, intently created this popular animated video maker to turn every beginner into a pro. In fact, it only takes very simple steps to come up with a high-end animated video.


The foundation of every animated video is its concept. Creating an animated video would work best for those video creators who know the certain message that they wanted to impart to their target audience and the uniqueness of the presentation that they must highlight. Animiz provides options for video creators to make use of a blank scene where they could embed their creative works on. This animated video maker also has numerous well-designed video templates that can be used in and for various animated movie themes.

Combine the Animation

Adding life to the concept is the process of integrating the animation features into the video. Objects will never remain as it is as Animiz provides a wide range of animation effects in both voices and movements that will add dynamics and produce compelling scenes for an animated video. Jason Chan and his creative team give their Animiz users the assurance that using this animated video maker will let them do away with the difficulty of dealing with highly technological jargons. Most features come with understandable names that would fit best to its functions.


Animiz aims to turn the efforts of the video creators to be worthwhile after they executed the first two steps of the process. The final output of producing an animated video maker is for people to share it with their target viewers. The circulation of the animated video will first be done through Animiz' file saving options such as publishing through cloud, saving them on the desktop offline or saving them in any animated formats such as GIF.

Jason Chan, manager of Animiz, raised the bar of the quality of every video being produced, both in the aspect of conceptualization and applying animation effects. Now that the process of making an animated video is made easier through Animiz, this will surely pave the way for people to create more interesting animated videos in no time.

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