Using Math to Create Utterly Unique Sound Effects

Today nearly everyone complains of song droning together into a similar-sounding mush. Multi Dimensional Sounds is here to break this paradigm with complex mathematics and engineering.


Raleigh, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2016 --With the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry reporting a market value of fifteen billion dollars(1), it is astounding that there is not more work put into the generation of unique and exciting sounds. The problem is that almost every sound effect today starts off as an instrument note or naturally occurring sound and is simply changed in pitch, loudness, and timbre until the desired effect is achieved. Jeff Morris with his new company Multi Dimensional Sounds is here to change this pattern. By applying the complexity that comes with higher-level mathematical equations and techniques that come with signal processing engineering, Multi Dimensional Sounds is able to generate truly unique sounds.

Imagine the possibilities of these newfound techniques. With a few tricks and twists Multi Dimensional Sounds can transform a trumpet note into a beautiful, pulsing background effect. The company can even work without a sample. Through the direct manipulation of waveforms, elegant and tonal scales can be crafted, creating a mesmerizing effect. This level of detail is achieved through algorithmic approaches such as the Fast Fourier Transform paired with advanced engineering filters to create a euphonic effect.

Just as exciting as the sheer innovation put into the creation of these sounds is the near-endless variety of applications. With completely new audio toolkits, audio producers across the industries of music, television, and video games will be given access to completely original effects. But Multi Dimensional Sounds needs the help of readers to make this dream a reality. Today Multi Dimensional Sounds is hosting a 20,000 dollar crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. These funds will go towards high-end production software and marketing campaigns. Patrons will receive a variety of rewards including ten minute sound poems, subscription access to sound packs, and thirty minute sound poems. These elegant creations are sure to be unlike anything any client has ever heard. Through the combination of mathematics, signal engineering, and a passion of music production, Multi Dimensional Sounds is well on its way to recreating the music industry.

About Multi Dimensional Sounds
Multi Dimensional Sounds was founded by North Carolina resident Jeff Morris. After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, Jeff moved on to work as an expert engineer in a variety of esteemed companies. He spent seven years with IBM and worked with a superconductor company for six years, watching it grow into a billion dollar corporation. Today Jeff is excited to be launching a company of his own and is looking for music professionals interested in joining him.

For more information or to support Multi Dimensional Sounds visit the Kickstarter campaign,