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Using VeriShow, Healthcare Providers Including Pharmaceutical Companies Can Interact in Person Anytime with Patients and Provide a Personal Healthcare Help


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2015 --The Verishow Telehealth solution is the ideal solution for health care providers as well as pharmaceutical companies that wish to interact in person with patients. Advanced Gastroenterology of Bergen County is a Professional Corporation owned and operated by five board certified physicians specializing in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. The practice resides in a suburb of New Jersey only 4 miles from New York City. The practice serves a multicultural patient population from every socioeconomic background. Medical practices are highly competitive in this area and patient demands are great. VeriShow was incorporated into the practice to offer a sophisticated technology solution to help improve patient access to the services. Rather than relying on telephone connection to gain entrance and schedule consultations, follow up visits, and procedures, VeriShow offered a platform via the website for patients and staff to text chat, video chat, and share content regarding registration, insurance eligibility, medical procedures, upcoming visits, diagnostic testing, and a variety of medical treatments. VeriShow quickly improved patient access and decreased endless phone calls that often left patients on hold and decrease access and satisfaction.

Remote medical technology is an increasingly popular way to administer preventive medicine and manage chronic conditions. Research shows that using telehealth technologies results in many positive outcomes including fewer hospital re-admissions, more faithful following of prescribed courses of treatment, and better recovery than that of patients not receiving remote intervention.

Consequently, telemedicine is starting to emerge as a significant method of healthcare delivery. Providers say their biggest telemedicine hurdle is figuring out how to cover the cost. But because they are increasingly being paid for outcomes rather than procedures, they are incentivized to provide care in the most efficient way possible and telemedicine is cheaper than in-person care.

As Medicare and Medicaid beginning to cover not-in-person consultations, reimbursement for telemedicine is also becoming more mainstream. Billing codes have been established in many states and some health care providers themselves are willing to pay for the ability to deliver some services remotely.

VeriShow, which has emerged from LiveMDexpert (a prototype portal for online healthcare advice) is well positioned to provide the needed tools for the biggest trend in digital health in the coming year. With VeriShow, healthcare providers including pharmaceutical companies can interact in person anytime with patients and provide a personal healthcare help. The platform is flexible and consists of several tools that can be easily used by the session participants. The main benefit is the ability to engage with a patient as if he or she walked into a healthcare practice.

There is no need to download and install any software on either side. The healthcare provider talks to them via live video conference (one way or two), shows them materials and even process a transaction online if needed. The platform provides the following features and capabilities: Text Chat, Audio / Video Chat, Web to phone (ability to call your operator/phone from your web site), Co-browser, Screen Sharing, document sharing, and Video clip sharing.

The VeriShow solution and its features are modular and can be tailored to match the practice requirements and workflow. After the staff at Advanced Gastroenterology of Bergen County, and the patients became more familiar with the VeriShow application, text and video chat were used to instruct patients on proper preparation for endoscopic procedures. Specific content was uploaded onto the system and medical personal was able to instruct patients on the necessary purchases and preparation prior to colonoscopy. This greatly improved patient satisfaction as they were no longer required to read a lengthy handout that was often not reviewed until the evening before the procedure, not allow time for adequate preparation; more importantly, with VeriShow the quality of the preparation was improved because the instructions could be personalized to the patients specific needs and requirements.

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