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Utah Dentist Provides One-Step CEREC Crowns for Provo Patients

Dr. Joe Jeppson, DMD, provides CEREC one-step crowns for patients of his Provo, Utah practice


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2014 --Provo, Utah dentist Dr. Joe Jeppson of Jeppson Dental is proud to provide the latest advancement in CEREC one-step crown application for his patients. In general dentistry, a crown (sometimes called a cap) is a fabricated covering that encases the entire surface of a damaged or deteriorated tooth, thereby restoring it to its original shape and size. Once completed, a properly applied crown will continue to protect and strengthen the tooth structure in a way that cannot be duplicated by other procedures like fillings or various other restoration methods.

Traditionally, patients have had a variety of materials to choose from that could be recommended by their dentist. The porcelain crown, which exhibits a tooth-like color and overall appearance, has generally been the favorite. These types are highly durable, as the material lasts many years when properly created and applied.

However, like many dental restoration procedures, eventually those crowns will need to be repaired or replaced as a result of natural wear and tear. Patients in need of crowns often find themselves visiting the dentist to treat broken or fractured teeth, to seek cosmetic enhancement or restoration of decayed teeth, or to have fractured fillings repaired or large fillings corrected with a crown overlay. Sometimes crowns are done to finish the procedure after a root canal.

About Dr. Joe Jeppson
For years the fabrication and application process for crowns required two appointments, one for the measuring and fabrication period and another for application and finishing. Now, with the advent of CEREC technology in use at Dr. Jeppson’s Provo dental practice, one appointment is all that’s needed to provide patients with a flawless, perfectly fitted crown of modern material that will create a permanent, natural, healthy smile.

The streamlined procedure allows the dentist to numb the tooth and prepare the surface by removing decay and then planning, shaping or scoring the tooth, so that the new CEREC crown will perfectly fit. After the first preparation stage is complete, the tooth is digitally imaged, allowing a computerized fabrication system to create a more perfect crown than was ever possible with the human hand. The milling unit uses the data to craft a perfectly formed crown in less time, taking only minutes instead of waiting weeks for handcrafted lab work. The newly milled crown is then polished, stained and glazed. Then it is onlaid and bonded, placed skillfully by the dentist to match spacing and bite.

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