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Utica Based Rock Band Blame Anchor Goes Major Independent Route Through a Global Distribution Deal with Mahvrick

After being introduced by Doug Barker Radio DJ Host with over 130,000 loyal weekly listeners, Utica based Rock band, Blame Anchor signed a Major Record Distribution Deal for global distribution that includes publishing for commercials and film.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2014 --Mahvrick announced yesterday that "Blame's" deal will get their music out to Mobile Carriers and digital retailers worldwide. The deal includes R2G China, Orange France, and China Mobile which has reach into more than a billion phone subscribers in India and Asia. "We look for bands on the edge of breaking that on the verge of their first major tour...," says Pramo Virk Mahvrick UK Office. Mahvrick's Sr. Management has been a major component in breaking talent and plays a role in strategy for numerous music acts and celebrities from US to South Asia. It was the signature sound of Shawn Scribner's voice that made it easy for us to make a quick decision. The band is talented...Shawn is an exception," says Mahrvick's founder in an exclusive interview about Blame Anchor.

Mahvrick relies on its advisers and colleagues such as Carlos Stephens the multi-platinum producer, with over 80 million records sold, as well as numerous Billboard Chart breakers, who has consulted with the firm for the past 12 years. Carlos was a captain producer under No Limit Records the year that they became bigger than their label, Priority Records, with 248 million in gross revenue from record and movie sales. "What we want for Blame is to expand on their fan base. Build their brand alongside well known grass roots brands.

One of our first licensing initiatives is a deal with a book publisher Joe Joe Jones, who sold 80,000 copies of "Bloody Money" their first of 23 books published independently," Mahvrick Corporate is known for its well recognized brands such as Most Beautiful List and Fanatic Farm. Fanatic Farm TV signed up more than 50 new subscribers an hour during its BETA stage. Mahvrick plans to launch "Blame's" single on its Top 5 in 5 hosted by Doug Barker and Oliver Toth, as well as through other well known radio DJ shows in 28 countries. Mahvrick will release the single during its MTV Awards Pre-Party in NYC this August.