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Getting The Best Deal - increasingly using online coupon codes, like the V2 Cigs Code announced today (especially during the holiday shopping season) is one of the biggest trends in online shopping. Such online discount opportunities are still relatively new and still a mystery to some users. Teaching customers just how to use internet coupons is something V2Cigs and "The Great E-Cigarette Giveaway" hope to help achieve with the new V2 Cigs Coupon - which will work fully on top of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale pricing.

"Too often a smokers first impression of electronic cigarettes ends up coming from an inferior product. I've heard too many times from someone who returned to smoking after using an ecig brand or cheap generic product that uses old or inferior technology. V2 Electronic Cigarettes are simply the best on the market, it is our hope that this V2 Cigs Coupon offer in addition to the great prizes we are giving out daily, serve to assist lots of smokers in finding out what vaping can be like with a great, up-to-date ecig brand like V2." says James Oliver, who runs 'The Great E-Cigarette Giveaway' site and former smoker who switched to vaping 5 years ago.

V2 Cigs – Industry leading products V2 Electronic Cigarettes are widely recognized as one of the leading E-cigarettes brands on the market today. The V2 Cigs EX – A stride forward from V2 The EX battery life indicator was just one of the new improvements that came with the new EX series from V2. They offered more customization combined with improvements in technology. The blank cartridges were designed to give the user greater flavor combined with more convenience. They are easier to refill and allow users to try a larger range of E-liquids, while still giving vapers improved styling and greater leakage prevention. A One Stop Shop for Smoking Enthusiasts will be relaunching early into 2014, as it now having a major renovation.

V2 Cigs are the product of VMR Products LLC, who also manufacture the Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette. The Vapor Couture are unique, as they are the only current E-cig that is made exclusively for women., the official website for V2, has six million plus visitors every month, ranking it very highly compared to other E-cig websites, as well as within the upper two thousand of all websites in North America, not just other E-cig sites. This amounts worldwide to over a million customers for V2 Cigs, clearly one of the industry's leading manufacturers.

"One of the primary motivations behind getting this v2 cigs coupon into the hands of everyone who enters the contest is to make sure those who have yet to try e-cigarettes due to financial reasons are able to start vaping at a very attractive price while ensuring the product provides the satisfaction smokers crave," states James Oliver.

About "The Great Electronic Cigarette Giveway"
"The Great Electronic Cigarette Giveway" is a daily sweepstakes with a total prize pool valued at $20,000 retail in electronic cigarette and Vaping products. V2 Cigs are featured during the first week and every entrant will receive a the new v2 cigs coupon to save on all products at and also applies to V2 Cigs' sister brand