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VA, MD, DC Parking Lot Sweeping Company Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. Prepares for Harsh Winter

The snow this winter is expected to be less than last year, but still heavy, with the south at higher risk. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. can clean snow from sidewalks and roads.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2014 --Snow removal is an important part of public safety during the winter, and recent reports suggest that we may be in for a particularly cold and snowy winter season. Many people thought that it couldn’t get any worse than the “polar vortex” of last year, but it looks like those problems will return.

Experts say that the weather won’t be as bad as it was last year, when the persistent cold throughout the Midwest was particularly astonishing, but severe temperatures and weather are expected this season. The areas of high danger for snow and ice events this year are mostly in the southeast region, where snow and ice have been fairly uncommon in recent years.

The Mid-Atlantic region is at the edge of the area of predicted dangerous winter weather. To the north and west, the weather is expected to be of about average temperature and severity, which is to say that it will still be cold and snowy. To the south, however, temperatures are expected to get colder than normal. Snow piled up on the roadways and sidewalks, particularly in areas unaccustomed to such weather, can lead to serious problems, requiring professional services to make streets passable.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. has been serving the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. areas since 1977 and has experience dealing with bad winter weather. They have a fleet of snow plows and snow clearing equipment which they quickly dispatch to problem locations, sometimes before the storm has even hit. “We can clear snow from any road, sidewalk, or parking lot, whether it is as small as a fast food restaurant lot or as big as the parking lot at your local shopping mall,” says one representative of Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning.

In addition to snow shoveling, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers de-icing and salting services, which they explain are very important for preventing injuries to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

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