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Vacation Condo Rental Prices Rocked by Caribbean Based Website Super Condo Deal

Super Condo Deal Offering 75% Discount Giving Major Competitors a Run for Their Money


Ocho Rios, Jamaica -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2016 --There's a new vacation rental website in town offering travelers 75% savings. Free membership for both hosts and guests and no additional fees. The printed price on the site's page is the actual price the guest pays. Is this real.....?

When Priceline burst on the scene in the early 2000's it was an instant smash hit. But the love affair was short lived because they couldn't maintain the low prices for long. And so must all the other platforms suffer from falling by the wayside once the consumers figure out that not everything is what they're cracked up to be.

Super Condo Deal has created a new buiness formula and is an operator and managing entity at some of the listed properties ranging from beach vacation rental condos to small hotels and guest Villas with a focus on the Caribbean particularly the friendly island nation of Jamaica.

Travel Insider News Managing Editor Tiago Perez interviewing Oliver del Camino Director of Operations at Super Condo Deal:

Tiago: how are you able to give these genuinely low prices? Is it a one time special or limited time offer?

Oliver: by being the managing and operating entity we basicaly have all the leverage in. Meaning we know our cost per night breakdown giving us unique edge over competitors. Same reason applies as to why it is not limted time offer although there is a caviet emptor here: it's subject to availbility. The cure for that is to make sure and list yours or a friend's property so we have sufficient inventory - which hasn't been an issue thus far.

Tiago: are there any additional or hidden fees? because some other sites claim they don't when indeed they do when you get to the check out

Oliver: Our biggest focus is that both traveler and accommodation provider understand the basic tenets of the reservation process. In order to facilitate 75% discounts the guest has to be ready to make the commitment when the deal is available. Llikewise the host needs to put forth their best effort to entice the eyes on the other side of the screen.

Tiago: do you plan on expanding outside the Caribbean and becomea global brand?

Oliver: inevitably it's the only way to truly provide tourists with the ultimate vacation. We only utilize the best firm in each jurisdiction for property management and maintenance. With regards to expansion we're constantly prospecting new properties and make weekly acquisitions.

Travel Insider News verified the actual prices and it was indeed the case that we found several discounts that were mind boggling. Reputable institutions that are listed on the major sites here offer blow out deals just as the site claims. When we called the Resort to confirm the reservation that we placed at their hotel through Super Condo Deal they instantly confirmed it. The navigation of the site is simple and intuitive especially for those who are familiar with hosting platforms.

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