Valentine's Day Celebrations Expected to Suffer This Year

Pen Pal Company Revolutionizes Valentine's Day This Year


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2021 --With all that is going on in America's communities it would be easy to believe that love is dead this Valentine's Day. February 14 is the day of love in many communities. It is the time to make new connections and to celebrate old ones. It is a time when family and friends ordinarily gather, and romance is in the air. This year, however, the air is filled with fear and reservation. But there is hope with Penacon (

It wasn't long ago that companies like, and led the way in revolutionizing how prison pen pal services kept America's incarcerated communities connected. That connection, which is now mainly web based, benefits many more people than just prisoners. It also benefits people on the outside who are homebound, lonely or underprivileged. Now during the current pandemic Penacon stands up for change once again.

The world is now witness to, yet another holiday affected by the sickness that surrounds many communities. The usual gatherings, celebrations and first dates that mark the holiday of love are all but cancelled this year. But love will find a way.

As more and more people turn to reduced contact interactions, many find their hearts desire on the internet. Falling in love with someone before actually meeting them in person has become more and more common. Many Americans have even turned to finding love within the communities of incarcerated people. Many of which are soon to be released. With this new trend comes it's own set of difficulties. The influx of people turning to online romance leaves many media platforms overwhelmed and slow.

This is where Penacon has once again met the need as they lead the way. Anticipating the surge of use Penacon has added to their staff to better service the busy nation. With their improved service comes the speed and efficiency of online enrollment and their 24-hour service guarantee. Love and friendship are at the fingertips of their users.

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About Penacon
Penacon ( is based in North Dighton, Massachusetts (MA). Their goal is to help those within the incarcerated community to gain friendship, make romantic connections and reach for a brighter tomorrow. They bring caring people from all over the world to the prisoners who need a positive influence. Whether people are looking for a new friend, the love of their life, or a positive and supportive mentor, this is the right place to come. Penacon cares about those who matter the most, prisoners and those who love them. Browse their site and their personal ads, view the pictures and profiles of inmates and find that special person who can fill that deep need in a lonely heart.