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Keeping it Hot, GMO, and Gluten Free This Valentines Day

Those looking to make this an extra special Valentine's Day can tune in to Smart Health Talk Radio Show as host Elaine McFadden and Chef Lance Corralez provide the formula for a hot night to remember even for those restricted to a gluten free diet.


Loma Linda, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2012 --Move over engagement chicken, Smart Health Talk host Elaine McFadden and Top Chef Lance Corralez have the recipe to bring lovers together over a Valentine’s Day meal that will keep it hot, delicious, and gluten free.

“Chef Lance and I feel we have came up with the perfect meal for not only getting your would be Valentine to join you, but also contains all of the components for a hot and sexy Valentines Day. This meal may be gluten free, but the food is healthy and is pleasing to anyone. We use quinoa based gluten free products that are high in protein and other nutrients as well. Most people that taste it won’t even realize these are gluten free substitutes because they just taste good.”

This Smart Health Valentines Day meal is designed to not only get your lover to join you for dinner with a menu they can’t resist, but if prepared according our instructions will also be better than anything they have ever tasted before. “You can’t leave anything to chance when preparing a Valentines Day meal because this is your opportunity to not only make it a night to remember, but also a meal to remember and for a few extra dollars you can do just that. We want the food to taste so good they will be spoiled forever and always compare the quality taste in your meal as superior to what they eat in the future. You can’t accomplish that with cheap ingredients.”

This romantic meal is designed to spice things up a little, and include one of Americas all-time favorite comfort foods using a new recipe that will make them fall in love with the dish all over again. That regular boxed version will never be quite as pleasing after eating your new recipe.

Award winning Chef Lance Corralez is known for helping people with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease learn how to prepare gluten free recipes. “The dessert recipe I have created contains a gluten free pie crust, something that those on gluten free diets can usually only dream of because there is just not anything out there that can give you the flavor you desire and is gluten free also. Anyone that tries this crust will fall in love with it, and the recipe is so simple that even an inexperienced cook will be able to make it.”

Chef Lance and Elaine McFadden are not going to promise an engagement after cooking their “Keeping it Hot” chicken, but will promise to help get things heated up while serving up your Valentine a taste of chicken that will please and stimulate more than one type of sensory response. Elaine explained that, “Both the chef and I agree that when it comes to Valentines Day you start with the best ingredients. For just a few dollars more you can up the taste to a level that is memorable and sure to please.”

Elaine promises this meal is something anyone can do. “We help walk you through all the steps to pull off the perfect Valentines Day dinner. We supply what you need from start to finish such as a shopping list, suggestions for ambiance, and meal preparation on the big day. Keeping in mind that most people have little time and tight budgets, the at home meal is the perfect option for being able to impress without breaking the bank. We help you with everything except your wardrobe, that you’ll have to put together on your own, although we would suggest to accentuate your best assets.”

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