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Valuing Your Property for a Successful Sale - Selling Your Home Guide

Quick house sale specialist Flying Homes has announced the launch of its latest property selling guide, which gives homeowners an in-depth look into how property valuations are formulated.


Barnsley, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2014 --‘Valuing Your Property for a Successful Sale’ assesses the various criteria that combine to dictate house prices in the UK, and it takes a close look at how estate agents and surveyors arrive at specific asking prices. While a property valuation is usually one of the first stages of the selling process, it is absolutely essential to the success of a property listing. This resource is designed to shine a light on the process in order that homeowners can play an active role in setting a realistic asking price for their home.

Flying Homes has been securing property sales for many years, and it is that experience that makes this latest instalment of their ‘Guide to the Different Stages of Selling Your Home’ series so useful. Included in the guide is a breakdown of the criteria used by property professionals to value properties. Valuations are often dependent on location and historical data on previous sales in the area – subjects that are explored in more depth within the article.

Scott Simpson of Flying Homes believes that homeowners with a thorough understanding of the valuation process can play an important role in the selling of their home.

“Property valuations are often left to the professionals, but in many cases, property owners are best placed to play an integral role in the process. No one can describe features, local amenities and community spirit better than homeowners – this guide gives them the tools to do so.”

A property valuation can make or break a sale. Setting the asking price too high risks alienating prospective buyers; setting it too low risks devaluing the property.

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