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Vamoose Odor Eliminators Attract Deer And Chase Away Skunk Odor

Cigarette, Skunks and Gun Smoke Odors Vamoose


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2008 -- The Vamoose® family of products are made with an environmentally friendly formulation which is patented and trademarked as Novexium®. Vamoose not only removes the odor from Cigarettes, Cigars and other Tar and Nicotine producing products but it permanently converts theses harmful VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) into inert gas and a salt compound.

These new products extend Vamoose’s capabilities to address gun powder and skunk odors. Vamoose permanently neutralizes the odors by converting the molecular composition of the tar, nicotine, and sulfides. The added scents are formulated for specific hunting seasons. Vamoose is available in “Doe in Heat” or “Apple” scent in 4 ounce pump spray bottles for $14.99. A lightly scented Skunk Odor remover in 16 ounce spray bottles is available for $19.99 the products are available now at http://www.VamooseProducts.com.

Vamoose can be used in homes, apartments, hotels and motels, cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and on couches, leather goods, handbags and other consumer products to remove the residual smells from the tar deposited by cigarette, pipe and cigar smoke.

About Vamoose Products
Vamoose, when used properly, completely eliminates all second-hand cigarette, tobacco and related odors. Vamoose Odor eliminators are available in various scents and sizes including; Fresh Scent, New Car, Leather, Apple, and Doe in Heat scents, and a Fragrance Free offering. Specialty products addressing Skunk odors, leather revitalizers and carpet stain removers are also available.

Vamoose products are available at the company’s web site at http://www.VamooseProducts.com and through select retailers and web e-tailers.

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