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Vancouver Aesthetic Doctor – Grow Longer Lashes with Latisse

Many aesthetic doctors now recommend Latisse as a speedy, safe solution for eyelash growth


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2019 --There's hope for those suffering from thin or balding lashes. Latisse, first introduced in 2008, is a topical prescription many doctors recommend for safe and speedy eyelash growth, but it also makes lashes thicker and longer. For more, go to: http://rozkamani.com/services-treatments/skin-health/latisse/

Originally intended as a glaucoma treatment, optometrists noted patients using the product developing longer, darker lashes. This prompted developers to rebrand the drug for cosmetic purposes. After a lengthy trial with nearly 300 participants, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration noted that Latisse could be sold to help strengthen, lengthen, and regrow eyelashes. In fact, during trials, growth was boosted by about 25%. Lashes were also visibly thicker—by 106%. The rest is history. Today, Latisse is known as a proven eyelash supplement.

Latisse is only available in Canada with a prescription because it's a medication with a real, tangible impact on eyelash growth.

It's a tempting consideration for those contributing to North America's billion-dollar mascara market. Growing your own lashes means no running, smudging, or fiddling with mascara wands. For those who invest in extensions or perming—Latisse is comparable in cost, but it won't harm the delicate lashes.

The one drawback is that results are not instant—they gradually grow in. Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of the lashes, so they come in longer and thicker. That means waiting until the old lash falls out and is replaced, which can take a few months. If use discontinues, eyelashes will resume growing normally. A few people have also noticed a little pigmentation where the product is applied, but this typically fades once usage stops.

Latisse is easy to use. Each bottle comes with a bunch of applicators—just swish a drop over the lash line before bedtime. The product is pricey, dwarfing the cost of even the most expensive mascara, but for those tired of smudged applications, damaging perms, and endless maintenance, it's a product that delivers tangible results and the ability to say, "I woke up like this."

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