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Vancouver Architect and Interior Designer Transform Underground Space Into Dynamic Entertainment Hub

m+ Architecture | Interior Design has been instrumental in transforming an unused storage area into a dynamic late-night bowling centre


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2020 --The North Shore is renowned for hiking and ski trails. But when darkness falls, where can young professionals go for fun and entertainment? Until now, most choices involved driving across a bridge. However, m+ Architecture | Interior Design has been thrilled to spearhead a project that is magically transforming an empty below-ground storage area into a dynamic late-night bowling centre. For more, go to https://mplusdesign.ca/news/north-vancouver-architect-and-interior-designer-transform-underground-space-into-dynamic-entertainment-hub/

With its sleek, modern lines and ambient lighting, the bottom level of Onni's CentreView condos in Central Lonsdale promises to be one of the North Shore's newest hot spots. This ain't your childhood bowling alley!

The dynamic team at m+ Architecture | Interior Design in Vancouver used artful space planning and interior design to meld together to create an entertainment hub that includes a six-lane bowling alley, bar, pool tables. and large-screen TVs for after-work lounging.

In the same way CentreView's condo, retail, and recreational spaces have seamlessly revitalized North Vancouver's downtown core, the bowling centre extends on the friendly, urban chic vibe, while filling a huge gap in the city's nightlife scene.

CentreView's dynamic new living spaces demanded an innovative approach to designing the bowling centre. As project managers, the principals of m+ Architecture | Interior Design collaborated with the City of North Vancouver to gain approval to change the use of the P2 area into a space that transformed the space into one that better fit North Vancouver's youthful urban demographic.

A single elevator ride is all it takes to transport visitors to a totally unexpected experience. Befitting an entertainment hub, the bar is the focal point. As the firm's principal architect, Nadi wanted it to distinctively highlight the space as soon as you enter. She designed various seating areas, including booths and a lounge with pool tables and large-screen TVs visible from the six regulation-size bowling lanes.

Working alongside as the concept developed, Ellie Miri channeled her experience as lead interior designer to overcome the challenges of the space. With no natural lighting and a cavernous, empty shell to start with, she focused on a muted colour palette of grey, white and black that serves as the perfect backdrop for an inventive lighting scheme that adapts to multi-uses and rentals.

Pendant lights and recessed lights create an inviting late-night atmosphere that can change colour and tone with the flick of a switch to accommodate professional leagues, competitions, corporate social events, and private parties. Accent furniture and free-standing items add splashes of colour. By playing with lights with styles and colour themes, there is a sense of spaciousness that belies the below-street setting.

Notably, the design of the space also includes noise-reducing features that ensure everyone can enjoy a night out, without disturbing surrounding neighborhood residents.

For the sisters, who are both residents of North Vancouver, this project is a long-lasting contribution to the community. As an architect and interior designer, Ellie and Nadi are proud to have contributed to a space they will enhance the lifestyle and enjoyment of the community. Take that, Vancouver!

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