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Vancouver Architect Discusses Adapting to the Changing World Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver architects m+ Architecture | Interior Design publishes blog post about how businesses are evolving to meet new challenges


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2020 --In a high-tech era of artificial intelligence and fast-paced data transfer, the world has been hit by an invisible virus spreading through every corner of the world with inconceivable speed. In retrospect, it's sorely apparent how unprepared global society was for a 21st-century pandemic, but many businesses are rising up to meet the challenge, including the Vancouver architect and interior design team at m+ Architecture | Interior Design. For more, go to https://mplusdesign.ca/news/covid-19-architecture-adaptation-to-the-changing-world/

This COVID-19 pandemic has parted family and friends. It's heartbreaking to see the death toll that has plagued countries worldwide. Yet these challenges have been punctuated by beautiful and brilliant acts of resilience as people come to terms with challenges and begin to establish new life and work routines.

As the famed author, Yuval Noah Harari said, "Change is the only constant." And so, families, friends, and businesses are working to find new ways to stay connected—to embrace challenges and opportunities. And the team at m+ Architecture | Interior Design in Vancouver is no exception.

The Government of BC announced that construction, engineering, and architectural firms are considered non-health essential service providers. After considering core values and determining what services are running, the team will be heavily leaning on Virtual meetings and conference calls until the Government indicates that business can resume as normal.

By leveraging technology, clients will be kept informed and up-to-date. Most municipalities are up and running, accepting new applications, conducting inspections and are responsive to emails and phone calls. In most cases, virtual meetings work as well as face-to-face meetings with the whole team participating effectively, sharing documents, thoughts, and ideas.

It is becoming the norm to work from home and run meetings on applications such as Zoom, GoTo and Google hangout, as well as getting connected to the office server by LogMeIn and Remote PC. By taking advantage of all the positive aspects of technology, the Vancouver architect and interior design team at m+ Architecture | Interior Design is making steady progress on existing projects and ready to embrace new clients looking for architectural and design solutions.

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