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Vancouver Architect Provides 5 Ways to Make Multi-Family Housing Work

m+ Architecture | Interior Design share how multi-family housing is evolving to fit the needs of Vancouverites


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2020 --As the creative forces behind m+ Architecture | Interior Design in Vancouver, Architect Nadi Miri and interior designer Ellie Miri, have noted the increasing demand for townhouses and other flexible spaces that provide families with space to grow and adapt.

More than bigger condos or smaller houses, creating the multi-family complexes for modern families requires a unique approach. A new article on the company website outlines five trends the sisters at m+ Architecture | Interior Design in Vancouver are incorporating to create inspired multi-family living spaces for modern families. For more, go to https://www.nsnews.com/standout/five-ways-to-make-multi-family-housing-work-for-vancouver-1.24031846

1) Hello, sunshine

One day of sunshine in Vancouver is worth three weeks of rain. When the clouds part, people want to spend as much time outside as possible. South-facing shared outdoor amenities, like communal garden spaces, outdoor seating, and patios for barbecuing, give families ample opportunity to bond and specialize when the weather is fair.

2) Flexible space planning

Functional design and architecture requires long-term thinking. Of course, spaces have to accommodate a growing family, but how about an aging family? What happens when kids who once happily shared a bathroom turn into teenagers that don't? Good design can reduce potential conflict areas. It also anticipates that homes may need to adapt and change as a family matures. For example, bathroom design should include backing for a grab-bar that can be installed as grandparents or parents age. The idea is to keep spaces as flexible and functional as possible.

3) Smaller spaces, nicer amenities

Smaller, denser spaces caused by sky-high real estate price doesn't necessarily translate into poorer lie quality. The trend is moving towards the design choices that have been favored in Europe for decades. When square footage is limited, architects and designers work to create flow and satisfaction by pairing beautifully modern design with sleek, high-end appliances. Small spaces can be stunningly beautiful.

4) Let there be (good) light

Each room requires a different lighting approach. Bright kitchens are a joy to cook in but more subdued lighting in the bedroom is necessary for relaxation and romance. Interior designers should carefully consider the space and function of each room before laying out ceiling plans.

5) Make it sustainable

Finally, sustainability should be a consideration in modern design. Resource management delivers benefits to occupants—and future generations. Options that may be considered include gathering rainwater for rooftop of communal gardens, windows that maximize the use of sunlight for warmth and visibility, and material choices.

There are many choices that can transform multi-family developments into customizable spaces Vancouver families will happily (and comfortably) call home.

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