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Vancouver Box Wholesaler Offers Tips on Packaging Products

Choosing the right sized box provides a delightful opening experience and keeps contents safe according to Vancouver Box wholesaler Racer Boxes Box Manufacturing Company.


Richmond, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2020 --The holiday season has come and gone, along with the rush to box and mail gift orders. When businesses send their products to people, cardboard boxes are typically an afterthought, but as a Vancouver box wholesaler, the team at Racer Boxes knows that choosing the right shipping boxes not only delivers a delightful experience that can influence purchasing decisions—it can play a crucial role in ensuring products arrive safely. For more, go to: https://racerboxes.com/blog/choose-best-box-holidays-season/

Surviving in a competitive market today requires manufacturers to really up their game. Whether products are being shipped across town or around the globe, customers expect to see their packages delivered promptly and in excellent condition. This is where choosing the right packaging becomes imperative.

Beyond printing and branding—which are an option at Racer Boxes, delivery boxes typically need to stack well. Boxes with a double rigid structure, such as those found in corrugated boxes, work to reduce damage during transportation. These boxes are also recommended for heavier products, as they can withstand the weight while buffering knocks and bumps that can cause scratches and damage to products.

Of course, sizing is also important to control shipping costs. In most cases, boxes should fit fairly snug, although fragile items should be packed in slightly larger boxes and surrounded with some kind of cushioning, such as packing peanuts of inflated bags.

Companies that ship multiple products may find it more economical to stock a few different box sizes that fit different products. This can work to control shipping costs while protecting the contents and reducing waste.

Choosing the right boxes to deliver products safely can be a tough decision. Fortunately, as a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes can work one on one to come up with customized solutions that are designed to keep shipping content safe while highlighting the brand and professionalism of a business.

The perfect delivery box is a practical, affordable option that can help businesses capture interest and reduce the losses associated with damage and returns. To learn more about the options for custom boxes, call (604) 270-8205 or send an email to racerinquiries@gmail.com.

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