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Vancouver Company Offer Tips on Book Scanning Services for High Value Books and Documents

when it comes to Vancouver book scanning services, preventing damage and loss means taking extra care through professional scanning or digitizing of historical books and documents.


Burnaby, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2020 --When having historical books and documents scanned by a professional document scanning company, it's important to begin correctly. Understanding the best way to manage documents contributes to a superior scanning job. For more, go to https://www.microcomsys.com/how-do-professionals-scan-historical-books-and-documents/

One of the most important considerations before turning over documents? Check the condition of the materials destined for scanning. How have the physical documents been stored? Ideally, they have been cared for in archival-grade, acid-free boxes or folders. If any mould, moisture, or mildew had entered the boxes, isolate the documents/books as soon as possible so it doesn't spread. Ideally, the storage room should be climate-controlled.

Getting Started

Document storage may dictate how documents are scanned and what equipment will be used. When getting a quote for scanning of archival documents, provide as much detail as possible about how the paper has been stored.

Other Considerations

When talking to professional document scanning companies, be sure to ask about the environment where the scans are taken. For especially sensitive and fragile documents, the scanning room should be free of dust and contaminants.

Depending on document size (and other factors), special scanner bed sizes and equipment may be necessary to avoid damaging original scripts. For scanning books and other bound material, the best scans occur when the spines are cut, so the books lie flat on the scanner. If this is not possible, some scanning companies have special scanning equipment that can cradle the book and scan while it's still bound.

Professional scanning of historical documents and records with Micro Com Systems

For book scanning in Vancouver, Micro Com Systems offers specialized equipment to do professional scanning on historical and physically sensitive documents. Special tools are used to carefully remove any binding (when necessary). Or bound documents can be scanned safely and intact in a cradle-like scanner.

Contact Micro Com Systems to learn more about digitizing archival, historical, or physically sensitive documents so they can be cataloged and accessible for generations to come.

The team at Micro Com makes it easy to convert paper files into a digital format. They can even implement customized digital database software for easy look-up. To learn more or get a cost estimate, contact the team at Micro Com Systems at 1.604.872.6771 today.

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