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Vancouver Digitization Company Shares a Tale of Retraining

Vancouver digitization company reveals how it discovered and retained one of its best QA specialists


Burnaby, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2018 --As one of Vancouver's longest running scanning and digitization companies, the team at Micro Com Systems have to regularly undergo training to stay on top of a rapidly evolving tech industry. However, one employee who pursued analog work streams fell into a spot of trouble when their technophobic mindset made industrial retraining a challenge. Luckily, the managers at Micro Com rose to the occasion, and as a result got far more than they expected! For more, go to: http://www.microcomsys.com/old-technology-leads-new-beginnings-vancouver-scanning-company/

While most office workers today have long accepted technical retraining as a necessary part of staying relevant, Micro Com had "one wonderful employee" who had spent nearly their entire career pursuing analog work streams. Their focus was on microfilm cameras and large, specialized drawings and documents that didn't translate well onto scanners and other more modern solutions.

This operator refused to learn about computers, even when the company offered to pay for a series of courses. Various positions were tried, but as the equipment in every department kept changing, nothing clicked.

Finally, one inspired supervisor suggested quality image (QA) control. The task was simple. All that was required was navigating to a specified folder and opening the first image by clicking it. Then the employee simply had to advance through all the images in the work folder, making notes of any missing, abnormal or skewed images that required re-scanning. The logic was an image is an image, whether it's on microfilm or a high-resolution screen.

The work was very similar to what the employee had already performed for years, which was inspecting microfilm on a light table. Ultimately, it proved a great fit, and thanks to the team's perseverance, Micro Com Systems gained one of its best quality controllers in the history of operations.

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