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Vancouver Document Scanning Service Explode the Myths Around the Paperless Office

dispelling popular myths around document scanning and digitization can help businesses run greener and cleaner


Burnaby, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2020 --Ever dreamed of a paperless office? As a document scanning service in Vancouver, Micro Com Systems has helped many offices dramatically reduce and streamline paperwork. However, scanning savants at Micro Com Systems emphasize there are many myths around paperless-ness that need to be addressed. For more, go to https://www.microcomsys.com/why-the-paperless-office-is-a-myth/

A lot of us remember the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Well, times have changed and the 3 Rs have now evolved into 5 (Repair and Rethink). Going paperless isn't about eliminating every scrap of paper in the office (save the bathrooms) but rather rethinking how filing and paperwork systems are managed.

Many misconceptions often prevent offices from exploring scanning and digitization as a solution to reduce paperwork. Some of the biggest are listed below.

Myth #1: Paperless offices don't work when legal record keeping is required.

Many regulatory bodies, including the Canada Revenue Agency, require original copies of various records to be kept for a specific amount of time, typically 5-7 years. However, according to the CRA, digital scans are an acceptable version of record keeping.

Scanning records means creating files that are searchable with imputable fields that are compatible with database or records systems. This makes it possible to quickly access the information in these documents quickly and link them to client or product records. Additionally, digital records are handy to have if paper records are lost or misfiled.

Myth #2: A paperless office has no paper at all.

Not many businesses can be 100% paper-free. Perhaps carbon copy receipts or some other type of record is mandatory. Paperless can be interpreted in many different ways, but the bottom line is day-to-day paper record-keeping is streamlined and reduced. Even paper records should be digitized so back-ups are available and shareable as necessary.

Myth #3: Hard copy records are more secure than digital copies.

There are software and systems to make your digital files secure, arguably more so than any security system that can be applied to a storage room. Paper is organic and breaks down. It can be stolen or destroyed in accidents and disasters.

Rethinking the Paperless Office

The truth is that just about every organization can benefit from document scanning and digitization. Being paperless is not a hardline approach but rather rethinking how paperwork is stored and managed. It's really about streamlining systems. And if a few trees are saved in the process, then everyone is ahead.

The team at Micro Com Systems in Vancouver can provide more information on the options to professionally digitize documents, invoices, patient records, historical photographs, and any other important papers. Talk to Micro Com Systems today about rethinking the role of paper files.

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