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Vancouver Estate Lawyers Explain Probate

Executors can and should turn to experienced estate lawyers who can undertake the probate process on their behalf


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2018 --As a firm of Vancouver estate lawyers, the team at Kushner understands that the probate process can be overwhelming for anyone without legal training. When dealing with the passing of a loved one, all the document preparation and filing—not to mention corresponding with financial institutions—can become overwhelming. However, an experienced estate lawyer can make the process easier, while ensuring all legal obligations are fulfilled in an accurate and timely manner. For more, go to: http://www.kushnerlaw.ca/explaining-probate-executors-and-the-will/

Kushner Law Group has assisted many executors with the probate process by preparing and filing documents on their behalf. For anyone who has been named an executor in a will, consider these helpful tips:

Consider Before Acting

While most executors are notified by testators that they are going to be named, it can sometimes be a surprise that comes following the passing of a close friend or loved one. Taking on the role of executor can be a large undertaking and it is important to ensure that you have the time, energy and capacity to act.

Get Organized

The financial affairs of a deceased person may not always be in the most organized state. A good executor immediately begins the process of locating and notifying relevant financial institutions to ensure all assets are accounted for.

Stay in Touch

The probate process can be slow and there are often hiccups that can delay the dispersal of funds. Beneficiaries are often anxious, and it is important that the executor stays in touch to keep relevant parties apprised of the steps along the way.

When it comes to acting as an executor, working with the Vancouver estate lawyers at Kushner Group can help make the process easier, while ensuring the responsible parties limit their potential liability. To learn more, contact Kushner Law Group at 604-629-0432 or schedule a consultation.

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