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Vancouver Fence Installer Shares Three Tips for Safe and Professional Fence Installation

DIY is fine as long as you have a plan that will deliver the desired results, advises Vancouver fence installer


New Westminster, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2019 --As a Vancouver fence installer for both residential and commercial jobs, the team members at QS Fencing have worked on a large number of projects in and around the lower mainland. As professionals, they know there are a large number of considerations that crop up when installing a fence. Their latest blog features three tips on how to help DIYers complete a safe and professional job. For more, go to: http://www.qsfencing.ca/blog/

One of the greatest dangers when installing a fence, particularly when using a material like aluminum, is cutting through lines and underground cables, cautions the article. Remember to "call before you dig" to avoid cutting into an underground service, which could result in property damage, service disruption, personal injury, or worse.

The blog goes on to advise about a couple of decisions DIYers will need to consider before taking on a job of fence installation in Vancouver. For example, when it comes to digging holes, is it better to go manual or use an auger? There are pros and cons both ways and the decision requires weighing costs and other factors.

"The choice between digging manually or using an auger generally comes down to the length of a fence. If it's over 30m-50m, the cost of the auger rental might be worthwhile compared to the extra time and effort required to manually dig the holes. How hard the soil is and whether it has lots of rocks and roots should also factor into decision making."

The article also advises on setting concrete, specifically the wet vs. dry debate. The decision will likely depend on the fence installer's level of experience. As the article notes: "[a wet set] is better because it all dries evenly, which provides a better anchor for each post. However, a dry set (putting the post in the hole, then adding dry concrete and mixing water in afterwards) makes it easier to align the fence properly."

Fence installation is a big job. Coming up with a game plan beforehand will help ensure that a DIY installation yields the desired results, without any unfortunate mishaps.

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