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Vancouver Immigration Consultants Urge Candidates to Seek Help Proactively

Vancouver immigration consultants say applicants should seek sound professional advice before an application is rejected


Richmond, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2018 --For the Vancouver Canadian Immigration Consultants at Racer Immigration, navigating refusals is one of the realities of their job. But one of the biggest mistakes prospective Canadians can make is receiving a refusal before seeking professional help. For more, go to: http://racerimmigration.com/navigating-refusals-advice-from-canadian-immigration-consultants/

According to a new article published on the Racer Immigration website, navigating a refusal always results in more work as it requires understanding the reason for refusal and answering those concerns when reapplying. Moreover, it's important to realize that multiple attempts made in a short period can actually reduce the chances of acceptance.

Of course, while it's always best to work with a skilled Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer from the start, steps can be taken if an application is refused.

When an applicant receives a general refusal and they do not understand the concerns of the visa officer, it's important to hold off on submitting another application until the reason for the rejection is understood.

Try to obtain the notes of the officer who refused the application and prepare a thoughtful answer in subsequent forms. To get the notes that will provide insight into the immigration officer's concerns, an applicant must request the Global Case Management System or "GCMS" notes in their file.

Reapplying is an opportunity to provide more information and strengthen your application. But remember, the new application should be consistent with the old one. It's likely that the case will be looked at by a different officer—and it must stand on its own, without contradicting any of the facts or claims from the previous file.

If an application is rejected, and an applicant needs to understand why, a reputable Canadian immigration consultant can investigate a rejection and explain your case in detail. To learn more about working with Racer Immigration, please call (778) 688-4848.

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