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Vancouver Immigration Lawyers Explore How Business People Can Achieve Permanent Residence in Canada

Canadian permanent residence for businesspersons takes long term strategic planning.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2022 --The Vancouver Immigration Lawyers at Sas & Ing have supported many business owners seeking permanent residence in Canada. So far, there are two federal business immigration programs--the Start-Up Visa (SUV) and the Self-Employed (SE) category as well as the provincial and territorial PNP entrepreneur programs that can lead to permanent residence.

Other options for entrepreneurs are to firstly establish a business presence in Canada and then work towards permanent residence through the Express Entry selection program. For more, go to

No matter the circumstance, achieving permanent residence in Canada requires strategic planning. Virtually all Canada's programs for permanent residence are based on some type of scoring system, which ultimately leads to an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

The benefit of the points-based selection system is that it allows federal, provincial, and territorial governments to manage inventory and intake of applications. This can be challenging for applicants, particularly in PNP programs, as the scoring mechanisms are not transparent and don't provide a great deal of predictability. The Express Entry program judges objective criteria: age, education, language proficiency and years of work experience--and this will determine if applicants achieve an ITA.

A prospective applicant needs to become familiar with an application program to develop the strategy for Canadian immigration success. As discussed in "Entrepreneur alert – What are your business immigration options?" there are several ways for business owners to establish themselves in Canada, including:

-Intra-Company Transferees;
-Owner-Operator LMIAs; and
-Free Trade Agreement Traders and Investors

While these programs can lead to an issued work permit that makes it possible to establish and operate a business in Canada, they don't necessarily lead to permanent residence.

Ultimately, a business applicant still needs to qualify for permanent residence under Canada's Express Entry selection program. This means being scored the same as all other applicants. Selection will be based on age, education, language proficiency and work experience. But prospective business immigrants take note--no points are awarded for self-employed work experience in Canada.

The Express Entry comprehensive ranking system (CRS) doesn't provide any points for work experience of a self-employed nature. This makes it extremely difficult for an applicant to score enough points to garner an ITA.

Consider the circumstances of a business applicant recently assisted in coming to Canada. This individual had run his own business for nearly ten years with locations in India and Dubai. He travelled to Canada and the US for business purposes, demonstrating his legitimacy in seeking to establish in Canada. He had an ECA confirming his Master's Degree and an IELTS test with scores of CLB 9 and 10. Even with a high level of education and language proficiency, he did not presently score sufficient CRS points to receive an ITA under Express Entry.

The strategy was to obtain an ICT work permit under NOC 0013 as the CEO/President of his Canadian company. After one year of working in Canada, he will garner 200 adaptability points, thereby meeting the Express Entry scores to obtain an ITA.

The path to permanent residence for business owners is not an easy one. As Vancouver immigration lawyers, our team members can collaborate to create an individualized strategy for Canadian immigration success.

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