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Vancouver Junk Removal Company: The Pros vs the Dumpster

The DIY route may not be the easier, more affordable option, according to Vancouver junk removal company


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2019 --365junkremoval.ca is a Vancouver junk removal company that makes small-hauling affordable and easy. Assessing whether to perform a clean-out personally or hire a hauler can sometimes be tricky. To weigh the options, the company has published a blog that outlines a few relevant considerations. For more, go to: https://365junkremoval.ca/hiring-a-vancouver-junk-removal-vs-diy-dumpster/

When a dumpster rental is necessary for a clean-up, several factors need to be considered. Few people have the training and equipment to execute a large-scale clean-up. Moreover, dumpster rentals are usually offered on a weekly basis, so they're best suited to jobs that take several days. Individuals will also need to secure the necessary permissions to have a bin on the property.

Another consideration for the DIY route is where the waste will go—will it require stopping at multiple facilities? Will any permits be required? Additionally, will any kind of dismantling or detaching be necessary? All this requires specialized knowledge and skills.

For smaller jobs, there are stores that sell "Bagsters" or heavy-duty bags for jobs too big for garbage bags, but too small for dumpsters. The stores that sell these generally allow people to drop off a filled bag, which will be hauled off for a fee. This can still be backbreaking work—and end up costing more in time and effort, especially if an injury occurs.

Besides circumventing the risk of injury, hiring a professional junk removal service just makes sense, especially if the prices are reasonable. No special permissions are required, trained technicians will handle items, no matter how heavy or clunky—and these professionals know exactly where to go for disposal and recycling.

Service charges for junk removal depend on the size of the job. Location can also affect pricing, but the size, type and weight of the waste being disposed of are the most important factors. For those with only a couple of large items, such as home appliances, which are too dangerous to move personally, a professional junk removal service is often the safest, fastest, and most affordable option.

With fifteen years of industry experience and a proven record of success, 365 Junk Removal specializes in low cost, affordable waste removal services. Call their team at (604) 365–0428 or booking@365junkremoval.ca to request a quote or book an appointment.

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