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Vancouver Medical Doctor Introduces Facial Peels in Vancouver

Facial peels are an underrated beauty tool that can address a variety of skin concerns


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2019 --Looking for an all-in-one skin solution in Vancouver? The facial peel is probably as close as it gets. As an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Roz Kamani offers medical strength facial peels in Vancouver. With the ability to simultaneously address a variety of skin concerns, these peels are rapidly gaining a reputation as the holy grail of skincare. For more, go to: medical strength facial peels in Vancouver

Facial peels, also known as chemical peels, shuck away dead, dry surface debris, dramatically improving radiance and day-to-day health.

A relative newcomer to the beauty scene, facial peels in Vancouver have become hugely popular among those in the relentless pursuit of beautiful skin. Medical-strength peels address a multitude of concerns in one go, which makes them a high-value beauty investment. Roughness and bumps? There's a peel for that. Fine lines and discoloration? No problem. And while you're at it, add enlarged pores, congested skin, and acne blemishes to the list this nifty (yet relaxing) treatment works to address.

So, how does it all work? It's actually pretty straight forward. Facial peels rely on AHAs (Glycolic Acid) or BHAs (Salicylic Acid)to exfoliate and lift away dead cells and surface grime, revealing the healthy, dewy, and all-round younger-looking skin underneath. Consider it a souped-up version of an at-home exfoliator.

There is some concern that peels can lead to redness and irritation, and scheduling one the same day as an event is generally not recommended. However, these effects are often the result of using a formulation that's too potent. While Dr. Kamani's facial peels use medical strength ingredients, she will design a version that's suitable for your skin types.

Facial peels are possibly the most underrated tool on the beauty market. As a general ace in the whole for skin health, facial peels provide an instant polish and radiance that's sure to appeal to the discerning, dollar-smart beauty consumer.

For the month of November, Dr. Kamani is offering special pricing to everyone who books a facial peel at her clinic. For anyone targeting a high value-beauty investment, this facial yields a glow-y complexion with real a-peel.

To learn more about facial peels in Vancouver, contact Dr. Kamani's Vancouver Medical Spa at 604-222-9988 or book online.

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