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Vancouver Medical Record Scanning: 4 Benefits for Offices to Consider

Keeping an off-site digital backup of records, files, and research can circumvent potentially disastrous losses


Burnaby, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2019 --Over its history, the team at Micro Com Systems in Vancouver have scanned hundreds of thousands of patient charts, x-rays, and other medical records. While medical record scanning is a relatively new concept, there are four distinct benefits to scanning medical records and pharmaceutical lab books. For more, go to: https://www.microcomsys.com/4-benefits-of-scanning-medical-records-and-pharmaceutical-lab-books/

Disaster Recovery

Paper records and files can be potentially destroyed or damaged by fire, flood, or even an accidental coffee spill. Turning physical patient records and paper-based notes into digital records preserves important information against acts of God and physical clumsiness.

Creates EMR-compatible data

If an EMR system is in play, digital files can be created to be compatible with the EMR system. It's possible to turn historical charts into PDFs to store with the clients' digital file. And in the event of a system switch, the knowledgeable team at Micro Com can help import data, too.

Offers Universal Accessibly

For clients working from multiple locations, digitization makes it possible to access data from different points and share pharmaceutical lab books with colleagues. This kind of sensitive information can be stored on private servers or set-up on a secure cloud-based environment for maximum security.

Generates Searchable Content

Creating digital copies of files makes it possible to implement digital searching. With advanced OCR software, it's possible to create fully searchable records. In other words, it's possible to locate files by entering keywords rather than shuffling around in filing cabinets and archival rooms. This cuts the time required for tedious office and administrative work, which would be better spent elsewhere.

An unforeseen accident can have potentially disastrous consequences to a medical office with no information backup. Through a complimentary evaluation program, the team at Micro Com will be pleased to create a service proposal based on the specific needs of any office.

To get started, send a sample of any medical documents, and get ready for results that will leave nametags spinning. Learn more about Micro Com Systems' Medical Records Scanning Services in Vancouver or call 604-872-6771.

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