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Vancouver Rehabilitation Clinic Reaches for New Heights Amidst COVID-19

Lift Rehabilitation Clinic in Vancouver launches virtual therapy to support clients isolating in their homes.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2021 --Since Travis Dodds launched Lift Performance and Rehabilitation in Vancouver back in 2017, he experienced his first busy year in 2020. After building his business for three years, he was finally seeing clients five days per week. Then COVID hit. Travis negotiated various strategies for running his business before hitting upon a creative solution—online physiotherapy services. For more information, go to

When the pandemic hit, the clinic closed from March 16 until May 29. During this time, Travis questioned everything, including how to keep moving forward. Eventually, the answer became clear: virtual physiotherapy.

Launching a new physiotherapy service on a virtual platform meant being transparent about the learning curve. Things could not be expected to progress smoothly at first. The journey kicked off with a $1000 Vancouver Food Bank Fundraiser, where clinicians charged $20 per visit and donated 100% of the proceeds to the Vancouver Food Bank, amounting to three weeks of free work. Although challenging to navigate with the concurrent demands of family and work life, it was a rewarding opportunity to help out the community during this especially difficult time.

As a Vancouver physiotherapist, Travis initially found it difficult to step back, reducing clinical hours and limiting the ability to see clients as he focussed on pivoting and revamping the business. However, two supporting physiotherapists—Henry Young and Sam Nguyen stepped up to assist his patients.

Lift Clinic works a lot with strength coaches, athletes, teams, and gym-goers—people who have been hard-hit by pandemic closures. The response to the virtual programs has been varied. Some people take it as an opportunity to work on their bodies and optimize movement before face-to-face sessions. The virtual sessions also give therapists an extended ability to look at underlying causes of pain and movement limitations.

Of course, online isn't for everyone. Many clients experience overuse injuries as something caused by the activity. As a result, when they stop doing the activity the pain goes away and they assume they're fixed! So, while there have been fewer athletes overall, the staff and Lift has been able to do some amazing work with some of the most proactive clients, who are anticipating coming back with an edge on the competition.

Overall, the arrival of the pandemic has highlighted the importance of rehabilitation and physiotherapy services. Sedentary individuals are more likely to experience medical conditions that are associated with severe consequences from the virus.

150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise is advocated as one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, (risk factors for severe complication from COVID), while also stimulating the immune system.

The physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors at Lift Rehabilitation Clinic in Vancouver continue to help and advocate for people whose injuries prevent them from being active and healthy. Virtually or face-to-face, this is a team that believes in strength and movement for life. Under Travis's leadership, this team is forging ahead with a new model to tackle old problems.

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