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Vancouver Rehabilitation for Car Accident Victims

rehabilitation is key to helping car accident victims resume normal every day activities


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2020 --Regardless of who's at fault, a car accident is a horrible situation for everyone involved. It happens to even the best drivers, bikers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Depending on the severity of the accident, it may be necessary to take some time off work. Household and recreational activities may also be put on hold temporarily. According to Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic in Vancouver, early intervention and rehabilitation is key to resuming life normally. For more, go to

Physiotherapy Treatments for ICBC Car Accidents Explained

Over the last year, ICBC has made changes making it easier to expedite recovery. For those involved with a motor vehicle accident, it's possible to start treatment once a claim is approved. Just provide the claim number, adjustor's name, and phone number when booking your appointment. No doctor's referral is needed.

With direct billing to ICBC, physiotherapy treatments are typically covered for at least the first 12 weeks after an accident. This includes up to 25 Physiotherapy Treatments, 25 Chiropractic treatments, and 12 Massage Therapy (RMT) treatments.

For example, the first step at Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic in Vancouver is to perform a head to toe assessment to determine the location, type, and severity of the injuries sustained after the accident. Objective measurements are taken to track the speed and progress of recovery. A detailed report will be provided to ICBC and others involved in the treatment.

For those suffering from whiplash, concussion, sprains, strains, and/or fractures, the team at Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic in Vancouver are trained to treat each condition. Treatment plans include an approximate timeline of recovery, treatment of factors contributing to your symptoms, and progressive self-management and pain management strategies.

Each session with a physiotherapist will include education, advice, and treatment through a combination of hands-on manual therapy and exercises to help reduce pain, swelling, inflammation designed and regain mobility.

Recovery Checklist after a Car Accident

1. Check to see if any injuries require immediate medical attention.
2. Document other injuries.
3. Report the claim to ICBC by calling 604-520-8222.
4. Book an appointment with a clinician at the Lift Clinic. Click here to book online.
5. Bring the ICBC Claim Number, Adjustor's Name, and the Phone Number of the Adjustor to your appointment.
6. Show up to the appointment and start on the road to recovery!

To learn more or book an appointment, call 604-229-3500 or email

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The clinicians at Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic in Vancouver train in advanced assessment methods designed to rapidly identify movement limitations that reduce performance or cause pain. Clinicians train frequently to ensure clinicians can see the body the same way. Learn more about how Lift Clinic can assist car accident victims who need ICBC physiotherapy services.

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