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Vancouver Rug Cleaner Shares Tips on Caring for Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs need care that’s specific, but not necessarily delicate, says specialized Vancouver rug cleaner


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2018 --Different kinds of rugs require different kinds of care. As a specialized Vancouver rug cleaner, Angelo Di Pomponio, Founder of Angelo's FabriClean, knows that analyzing the fabric is part of determining the correct cleaning methods. In fact, even the way rugs are manufactured or woven can impact the care they require.

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When it comes to Oriental rugs, some people mistakenly believe these rugs are delicate. However, the truth, according to Angelo, is that Oriental rugs really earned their reputation by being durable. They can be washed when dirty, mended when damaged, and are naturally resistant to fading and staining.

Of course, these rugs still have their vulnerabilities. Too much sunlight can cause the colours to fade. This is also true for wallpaper and paintings. Try to avoid exposing a rug to direct sunlight, or have windows treated with Mylar to block out the ultraviolet light. If the rug is antique, specialized care is always recommended, however.

It's important never to shake or beat the dust out of an Oriental rug. Instead, simply use a vacuum cleaner. Just remember to be mindful of the fringe if you don't want to invest in rug repair! Alternately, a broom or carpet rake will also do the trick.

When dealing with a spot or stain, make sure to remove any solids and then blot up the liquids. After that, blot the stain with a mixture of water and white vinegar, repeating as necessary. Once the rug is clean, allow it to air dry. In the case of mud, just let it dry naturally before vacuuming up the dirt. If ink was spilled, use rubbing alcohol instead of vinegar when rinsing and blotting.

For those times professional assistance is necessary, Angelo's Carpet Cleaning offers specialized care for all types of valuable carpets and rugs—including Oriental! Call 604-421-1855 to learn more or request a quote today.

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