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Vancouver Tummy Tuck Surgeon Shares Ins and Outs of Abdominoplasty

understanding abdominoplasty procedures helps potential candidates assess viability according to Vancouver tummy tuck surgeon


Duncan, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2020 --When is a tummy tuck a viable option? Who is a candidate? For people looking at surgical options, Vancouver tummy tuck surgeon, Dr. Alexander Anzarut has published a web page that provides an overall understanding of the procedure. For more, go to https://dranzarut.com/body/tummy-tuck/

People typically begin considering surgery when more conventional methods for slimming have proved ineffective. A tummy tuck is not a substitute for diet and exercise. The procedure works by removing loose skin to trim and contour the appearance of the waist. Weight loss surgery is performed by bariatric surgeons. One example is the lap band.

Good tummy tuck candidates are non-smokers, have a BMI less than 30 (ideally less than 28), and do not use nicotine products. Many women consider the surgery post-pregnancy, but men and women who have undergone significant weight loss (leaving behind excess skin and stretchmarks) are also candidates.

Even once someone achieves their ideal weight, they may be left with loose hanging skin and laxity of the tummy wall. This loose skin is called an abdominal pannus. It can cause skin irritation and make it impossible to wear a bathing suit. Laxity of the tummy wall is called a hernia or rectus diastasis or baby bulge. Even after strengthening the rectus muscle, the diastasis will remain. All this will can be repaired during surgery.

A tummy tuck is a significant procedure, and candidates should not be swayed by the ideas or desires of other people.

Risk evaluation is important. Before a procedure, a surgeon will inquire about current health, including any medications and previous surgeries. They will then discuss potential side effects and complications.

Finding an experienced tummy tuck surgeon

An experienced tummy tuck surgeon will take the time to assess individual factors and how to deliver the best results possible. Liposuction and lipo sculpting often go hand-in-hand. Done along the six-pack muscles, the flanks, and the hips, lipo sculpting refers to a process where the liposuction is strategically done to highlight the contours and shadows of the abdomen.

Like any surgery, small decisions will have significant impacts. For example, quilting sutures take extra time to apply, but they can be useful to reduce the risk of bleeding, reduce the amount of fluid build-up, and limit the time the drain must be left in place. Dr. Anzarut recommends leaving a drain in for 1-3 days due to various benefits to the patients.

Some surgeons also include a mons lift in the tummy tuck procedure. This is a lift of the pubic area (mons). Many patients require it because this is where fat is preferentially deposited. A quick lift reduces the chance of an unsightly bulge caused by future weight gain.

The right kind of dressings can also impact recovery post-surgery. For example, Prineo dressing is a tape that is left on for 2-3 weeks. This tape makes it possible to shower immediately after surgery. There is no need for any dressing changes. More significantly, patients don't need to look at the incision until the third week, which lessens the emotional impact of the surgery.

Depending on the extent of the surgery, a procedure will take up to two to three hours to complete

While the results of a tummy tuck are often undeniable, Vancouver tummy tuck surgeon Dr. Anzarut says it's important to factor in considerations like recovery and care. Someone will need to transport the patient home immediately after the procedure. Additionally, dressings and bandages will need to be changed periodically. Care instructions will be provided by the surgeon.

A tummy tuck is a personal decision, and it's necessary to weigh the benefits against risks, which are listed at https://dranzarut.com/body/tummy-tuck/. To learn more about the procedure, pricing, benefits, and risks, contact Vancouver tummy tuck surgeon Dr. Anzarut at 778-455-3223.

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