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Vancouver Wholesale Box Manufacturer Offers Tips on Packing Food with Produce Boxes

Small businesses can compete by bringing more personality to packaging and getting more connected with clients


Richmond, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2020 --It can be tough for a small business to compete with retail giants. For small grocers trying to compete in saturated markets, packaging can make the difference and influence customers' final decision. For more, go to: https://racerboxes.com/blog/

With so many options of cardboard boxes to choose from, whether it's to protect and, in some cases, showcase products, choosing one for specific business needs can be tricky. But finding the best option not only brings more personality to a business, but also has cost benefits.

Before placing an order for cardboard boxes with the best cardboard manufacturer in British Columbia, take the time to analyze business needs. This will help determine the best option for packaging. Each product has different requirements, whether it's for packing electronics, beauty products, beverages, and even food. Food, for example, has to be ventilated and resistant to spills and moisture that can occur when shipping fruits and vegetables.

To pair products with the perfect packaging solution, consider how the products are manufactured, shipped, and presented. These variables will determine which packaging type makes the most sense.

Once logistics needs are satisfied, it's time to consider visual appeal. A simple logo or graphic can dramatically increase customer interest. Colourful or simple boxes can be printed to preference, but it should also be an accurate representation of a business.

Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing has provided customers in British Columbia and the state of Washington with high quality, wholesale cardboard boxes for decades. With excellent customer service and a variety of services to choose from, Racer Boxes in Vancouver offers corrugated cardboard boxes with custom printing at wholesale prices. Call 604-270-8205 to learn more.

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Founded in 1991 by two Hong Kong immigrants, Racer Boxes began as a printing service in Richmond before evolving into the reputable and successful box company it is today. As manufacturers of all types of boxes—moving boxes, storage boxes, and shipping boxes—Racer Boxes has demonstrated real outside-the-box thinking. They've expanded their product line to cater to the food and fashion industry by creating special boxes for seafood packaging, display, and other specialty niches. Their office is located at 5720 Cedarbridge Way in Richmond, British Columbia.

For more information, call 604-270-8205 or visit the company website at https://racerboxes.com.

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