VectorBuilder Revolutionizes the Cloning Industry


Shenandoah, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2019 --VectorBuilder, a leading biotech firm, pioneered an online platform that lends its users the tool to generate innovative and customized vector design, and directly order services in vector cloning and virus packaging . Similar to online shopping, VectorBuilder allows its users to buy everything related to vector generation on its website. Since its launch in 2014, VectorBuilder has provided superior services to researchers around the globe in the domain of medical research, pharmaceutics, agriculture and etc. VectorBuilder aims to provide the fastest turnaround times and unbeatable prices in the industries. Besides vector cloning and virus production, it also offers other molecular biological services such as plasmid preparation, Bac reengineering, stable cell line generation and many more.

The services this company provide are related to virus vectors that are used for gene delivery. They provide affordable adenovirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentiviral vectors (LV) to promote further developments scientific research. The virus production is being carried out by experienced molecular biology specialists at Vectorbuilder's proprietary production facility with the most up-to-date equipments and technology. The company's researchers are continually looking for breakthroughs in improving its methodology to provide the finest research products to its clients .

The production for the adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentiviral vectors (LV) in a cost-friendly way is a significant challenge for everyone. VectorBuilder aims to reduce these challenges and costs needed for the production. It is using stable producer cell lines that require a highly controlled environment like GMP for quality assurance with lowering the costs for the production. The professional and highly qualified staff at VectorBuilder makes sure all the services provide the best quality and value to the researchers.

The vector cloning at VectorBuilder is a natural process. The researchers submit the vector, and the company clones it for them. Sometimes, the virus vector is provided by the researchers, and the company does the packaging to the researchers at low and reasonable prices. The packaged vector is shipped to the address of the researcher.

The ordering process at VectorBuilder is simple. The user can access their website that has a user-friendly design. Each user has an option to make an account to keep track of their order details. The user can get the quote and then make a purchase quickly. The online site features a tool for designing the vector of the researcher's choice. VectorBuilder also carters custom design requests made by the users. VectorBuilder also takes orders in bulk for the vectors.

The company is getting dominant in the market with the quality service it provides, and it is expected to grow further in the future.

About VectorBuilder
VectorBuilder is a modern online platform for scientists where they can request cloning and virus packaging services for their vectors. After the launch in 2015, VectorBuilder is now the world's leading virus cloning and virus packaging service provider. The company is serving thousands of researchers around the globe and has won numerous rewards for its high-end services and platform. VectorBuilder Official Website

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