VEEDEEO Launches Automatic Translation System for Video Conferences

System is integrated with the VEEDEEO cloud video conferencing solution without requiring plugins or additional software installation, and ensures automatic translation into more than 120 languages with 95% accuracy.


Lisbon, Portugal -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2019 --VEEDEEO has launched an innovative system of automatic translation that allows guests to attend video meetings in more than 120 languages without having to use an interpreter. Teams, customers and partners can easily meet in video conferencing and speak in their native languages.

Participants can activate the automatic translation in the virtual room during the video meeting by simply defining their language. System automatically subtitles what is spoken in the participant's defined language with an accuracy of around 95%.

This unique feature worldwide uses the advanced Google's speech to text and AI technologies to detect and transcribe voice, thus allowing the simultaneous translation. The automatic translation system is integrated with the VEEDEEO cloud video conferencing solution and supports both single and multipoint video meeting scenarios.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of VEEDEEO, believes "the feature of automatic translation for video meetings will add value in this fast growing global world, especially for companies with business and offices abroad. It facilitates communication between people from different countries and its performance is quite impressive".

This system is available for using and can be tested freely by any person by signing up at

Watch a video sample of how the VEEDEEO automatic translation system works at