Ventus, Wind Generator USB Charger for General Aviation Aircrafts and the Great Outdoors Spearheaded by Refugee Student


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2018 --Stratos Aviation Association is a non for profit association committed to empower today's youth through STEM education and pilot training by promoting careers in aerospace to the next generation of aviation professionals. Stratos Aviation started its outreach programs in March 2017 and since, over 6000 people have been influenced and exposed to different facets of STEM in aviation and aerospace.

Stratos Aviation is raising the bar with the creation of the Stratos Aerospace Lab (S.A.L.), an initiative brought forwards by Shoushi Bakarian an aerospace engineering student from Concordia University. S.A.L. is an environment promoting aerospace engineering and technology development for engineering students and creative minds. Anyone with a vision can use the lab and its resources free of charge. Products created at S.A.L. are marketed through the Stratos Aviation social entrepreneurial initiative. Profits are distributed as education grants to students pursuing STEM related studies in aerospace in Canada and the United States. Students involved in the development a market worthy product are awarded full education grants.

Shoushi Bakarian is a Syrian-Armenian refugee to the ongoing conflict in Syria who was granted permanent residency in Canada in early 2016. Born and raised in Aleppo, her life changed for ever when the conflict reached her home town. Regardless of the conflict, Shoushi continued her studies and finished grades 11 and 12 with flying colors in a city that had no running water or electricity. For Shoushi, excelling in her studies was her own way to survive and forget the harsh living conditions. Upon her arrival to Canada, she enrolled in Aerospace Engineering at Concordia University where she fell in love with aviation and renewable energy propulsion systems. She is an inspiration and a beacon of light to the people around her and those who cross her path. Her passion for aerospace STEM education and enthusiasms to pass on her knowledge to the next generation of aviation professionals in commendable.

On August 15th 2018 the Stratos Aerospace Lab will be launching Ventus for pre-sale on Kickstarter. Ventus, designed for small general aviation aircrafts from the Cessna family will provide a 5V current to charge cells phones, tablets, GPS units and other navigation aids as well as cooling down the cabin by 3-5 degrees Celsius using only renewable energy, air. Ventus is the perfect wedding between transforming mechanical energy into a 5V curent using a micro generator and fluid dynamics lowering the cabin's temperature using venturi effect principals. These features are combined in a 6" tube which fits in the aircrafts ventilation system without any modification or installation necessary. There is also an outdoors version for the general public.

On August 15th everything will be coming together for the Stratos Aerospace Lab and Shoushi Bakarian with the official launch of Ventus going on pre-sale exclusively on Kickstarter ( Supporting Ventus, is supporting the Stratos Aerospace Lab, validating the engineering work behind the product and supporting aerospace STEM education to the next generation of aviation professional.