Venus Revolutionizes the Rules of the Intimate Pleasure Game


Vienna, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 --The wireless revolution just got a whole lot sexier. Designers of the VENUS Two Emotion Wireless Vibrator are combining the convenience of wireless technology with the the effectiveness of cutting edge ergonomic design. Introducing the world's first adult toy that features remote interactive abilities for long-distance intimacy. Two Emotion has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to see their vision manifest into reality. Sex toy proponents can get in on the ground floor and participate in the launch of the most effective, relationship-enhancing adult accessory ever invented.

Partners Apart Stay Connected

Lovers who must endure time away from one another can enjoy a pleasurable interlude by simply using their smartphone. A downloadable app allows the user to link up with their partner's VENUS unit from as far away as the other side of the planet. The "giver" taps into the apps features to determine what sort of an experience they want their partner to have, and the "receiver's" VENUS unit interprets the signal from their smartphone app and abides with an orchestration of ecstasy-inducing vibrations. This brings a whole new dimension of interactive fulfillment to the proverbial late night intimate "I miss you" phone call.

Superior Design Provides an Unforgettable Experience

The curved VENUS design allows the user to experience the exquisite pleasure of g-spot stimulation enhanced by motorized vibrations. The 100% medical grade silicone surface is soft and sleek to the touch, with a playfully pink polished finish. The toy is completely waterproof, making it safe and practical for water play, and it recharges magnetically without plugs or wires.

A Wireless Wonder Bridges the Gap Between Lonely Lovers

Now, a spouse who is out of town on business can connect with their partner in a way that transforms the age-old voice phone call into a visceral, physical and emotional event. He can whisper his desires and affections to her over the phone as her VENUS delivers the vibrations of his desire in real time. Lovers who enjoy a bit of adventure can even use the VENUS app and device for intricate play even when they are in the same zip code. A game of hide and seek can become an evening elaborate, vibrating recreation. Technically inclined couples who love erotic play now have a new way to enjoy one another that is discreet, a bit naughty and extremely exciting. Contribute to the Two Emotion crowdfunding campaign and help long-distance lovers everywhere to really reach out an feel one another. The may tiers of participation offer a vast array of rewards including VENUS units, card decks and more.