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Verbum Word Game App Launches to Take Crossword Puzzles Sudoku Style

Upping the ante on the virtual word game, Verbum launches to take the typical crossword puzzle to a whole new level of digital fun.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2016 --Created for word buffs who want a challenge at their fingertips, Verbum launches to a ready marketplace. The new game uses a giant library of words to intrigue its players all with the swipe of a screen. Hiding in plain sight within a plethora of convoluted letter tiles are words and points just ready for the taking. Hidden words can be found frontward, backward, up, down, zig, zag or doing the crisscross. Think of it as sudoku for letters; the newest approach to gaming that makes seek and find a "gotta have it" pastime.

Who would have thought a spelling game could be so highly-addictive? Great for breaks, lunchtime or unwinding from a monumental day the app's word grid is inviting. Free to download for iOS and Android, the modern letter game gives points for words found in any direction. As long as the letters are next to each other players are in the swim. With words on tap, the English version of Verbum alone has 150,000 options.

Each playing screen starts with 70 letters on a grid. From there, if a player finds a word with more then two letters, they're given a bonus letter. That letter multiplies points if it's used before it expires. After all, it only has three rounds to live. If players use their skill to find it in an incredibly long word, they can multiply the multiplier and well…one can see where this is going.

Daniel Hjortholt, CXO at Zorfware Labs and the developer of Verbum said of the sudoko-style crossword game, "Our app allows players to refresh or remove letters for an easier time of play. It also allows for the game to be frozen for up to 10 seconds to get a little breather. Verbum can be intense and that just makes all the more fun."

For more information visit www.verbum-crossword.com.

About Zorfware Labs
Zorfware Labs are the developers of the Verbum crossword game now available in the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon. The Verbum word puzzle game is presently available in English, Danish, Dutch and German and is slated for release in Norwegian and Swedish among others. The game is only available in countries where the above languages are spoken primarily.

Daniel Hjortholt
CXO, Zorfware Labs
Website: www.verbum-crossword.com

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